Java psychomorph webstart launch page

Note: updated to fix saving problems and other bug fixes (wavelet MRF texture, pca warping etc) (12th Oct 2011)

Click to launch java psychomorph (version 5 (beta)).

You should be prompted to open with javaws, click OK and again when you get the security warning (or two) as it is a self-signed jar file.

Some example images to start playing with are available here

Help pages are provided on the wiki. Details of the API (e.g. for writing plugins) are available here.

Some other (possibly) useful data is available here This includes some masks, symmetry file and wavelet filters.

The current version has some improved computer vision tools, including face and feature detection and groupwise alignment. For the face and feature detection you will need the face detection data (this is generated by OpenCV but has the - stripped out of comments to keep Java happy), the PSM feature detection data and/or the ORASM feature detection data. You will need to unzip the data to your hard drive to use it. The PSM and ORASM data were trained on the BioID data set with some enrichement (+ or - 10 degree rotations). The ORASM data uses all the 20 points supplied with the BioID data, the PSM uses 5 points (points 0, 1, 14, 2 and 3 from the full set).

The previous version (version 4) is still available here.


Please reference at least one of the following papers in any published work using the software.

Feature detection

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Texture transforming

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Texture prototyping

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Moving Transforms

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Good luck!