TLP Repeat Illumination/Libration and Earthshine predictions for: Greenland - Nuuk

Ill is percentage illumination of the Moon
*Indicates a repeat illumination and libration event to within +/- 1 deg for both
A non-* indicates just repeat illumination to within +/-0.5 deg

2020-Jul-12 UT 03:52-05:31 Ill=58% Aristarchus observed by Sage_VA on 1978-10-23 *

     Aristarchus 1978 Oct 23 UT 06:30-06:34 V.A. Sage (Bristol, UK, 
     10.25" reflector, x250, Wratten 44a and 25, seeing II) noted 
     that Aristarchus was surrounded by a dark area in the blue 
     filter. They did not regard this as a TLP at the time. However 
     because Aristarchus is surrounded by blue material in real life, 
     this should have been brighter? For this reason, despite the 
     observer regarding this as a negative TLP, an ALPO/BAA weight=1 
     has been applied.

2020-Jul-25 UT 00:43-01:06 Ill=23% Cassini observed by Arkhipov on 1937-2-15 *

     In 1937 Feb 15 at UT 16:00? Arkhipov (Russia) observed in Cassini: 
     "Blue-greenish scintillating spots at bottom of crater were vis. on 
     ashen light background. (confirm of Andrenko?)". The Cameron 1978 
     catalog ID=419 and weight=5. The ALPO/BAA weight=3.

2020-Jul-28 UT 00:34-00:54 Ill=56% Alphonsus observed by Harris on 1966-6-26 *

     Alphonsus 1966 Jun 26 UT 04:30-04:40 Observed visually by 
     D.Harris and E.Arriola (Whittier, CA, USA, 19" reflector x146, 
     and spectrum, S=4, T=1-0) "Absorp. spectrum (visual) of c.p. 
     band at 475+/-5nm (1st est.); 2nd est. at 485+/-5nm. Band 
     degraded towards the viol. Band nr.Hydrogen Beta. as if 
     abnormally broadened. So sign of anything unusual visually in 
     central peak in white light. Absorption appeared only on C.P., 
     not over walls. Calibration corrections put band at 491+/-4nm" 
     NASA catalog weight=5. NASA catalog ID #948. ALPO/BAA weight=5.