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You are warmly welcome to join me to do exciting research in my research areas:

3D imaging, range image registration, feature extraction and matching, learning, projective registration, non-rigid registration, data and information fusion, uncertain reasoning, mean field annealing, Makov process, replicator dynamics, motion coherence theory, mean shift, entropy, weighted least squares, computational geometry, similarity, clustering and classification, segmentation, thin plate spline, approximation theory, Bayesian inference, damped harmonic motion, artificial neural network, and evolutionary computation.

My research emphasizes the application of the developed techniques in various fields:

Reverse engineering, computer aided geometric design, machine vision, object recognition, robot vision, computer graphics, medical image analysis, industrial inspection, special effect creation and computer games, Internet search, and intelligent systems.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD degree in the above fields, then please do not hesitate to contact me and discuss the details at yyl@aber.ac.uk or give me a ring through +44 1970 621688.


So far, I have been many exciting areas:

Research Interests

Currently, my research interests lie in 3D imaging, machine vision, image registration, robust motion estimation, object recognition, reverse engineering, Makov process, constraint formalization, image processing, uncertain reasoning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and intelligent systems.

Machine vision tries to extend human eyes for data acquisition and interpretation. Thus, machine vision techniques find applications as wide as human eyes. Especially, the recent rapid development in optics and electronics enables the advent of laser scanning systems that directly measure the surface of objects under consideration. The measurement of object surfaces render it possible to estimate the camera motion, identify the difference between two snapshots of the same patch on the object surface, construct a full model of the objects of interest, and recognize objects through a single or multiple snapshots of the objects. The techniques involved find wide applications in:

Research Projects

Currently, I am interested in a number of research projects.

Research Funding

My research has been funded by the following organizations: Their generous financial support is greatly acknowledged.

Professional Activities

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Past Publications

So far, I had a number of papers published in international conferences and journals. If you would like to have a look, then please see Published papers.

Recent Publications

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You are warmly welcome to join me or collaborate with me to do research in any fields as listed above.

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