You are warmly welcome to study with me!!!

I hope that we can spend some exciting time in both your and my life at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth. To be honest, I do not like that you repeat my existing research. Therefore, I do hope that you will learn something here useful for both your and my career.

The following are examples of some exciting projects:

  1. Digital camera calibration

    MSc student: Junjie Liu

    Graduation time: January 2008

  2. The study and implmentation of centroidal voronoi tessellation for mesh generation and coarsening

    MSc student: Fang Zhou

    Graduation time: May 2006

  3. Human face recognition

    MSc student: Peter Johnson

    Graduation time: May 2006

    Human face recognition is an active research area. Even though human face has its own special structure, this does not mean that human face recognition is an easy task. Various methods have been proposed. This project is dedicated to developing efficient and accurate techniques for automatic human face recognition.

  4. Discontinuity-Based Simplification of Free Form Surface From Range Image

    MSc student: Guoqiang Fei

    Graduation time: May 2004

    This project results in the following exciting publication:

  5. Object recognition from range images

    MSc student: Shan Jiang

    Graduation time: May 2004

  6. 3D City Navigation Tool

    MEng student: Alex Vokes.

    Graduation time: May 2002

    This project focuses on developing tools: (1) to construct 3D models of city elements such as roads, light posts, buildings, and sea surfaces; (2) to map textures onto the surfaces of city elements. This project is expected to be extended in the following aspects: (1) plan good route given starting and destination points in a digital city based on different criteria such as shortest route, quickest route, most beautiful route; (2) incorporate machine learning techniques for route planning.

The following timetable is expected to be followed:

At usual times, I hope that you can come to see me from 9:00am to 11:00am on every Friday's morning of even weeks so that I can help you solve the problems that you may have.

For each stage of your project, I hope that you can show me what you have done. The date will be arranged in due time.

Writing thesis

Some students have done an excellent work. Unfortunately, they did not present well what they had done. As a result, they did not receive the deserved marks on the projects.

The following are some hints which may help to organise your thesis in a better way:

  1. Abstract

    Write an abstract for your thesis.

  2. Contents
  3. Problem statement

    It is important at the beginning for you to define what problem you would like to solve in your project. Then you have to do some literature survey finding out what main techniques are used to achieve the target you are intending to achieve as well.

  4. Technique presentation

    In this section, you have to describe what techniques you are using. What advantages do the techniques have? How to implement the techniques in your systems?

  5. Experiment results

    In this section, you present some experimental results showing that your systems do work and implement the functions you expected. So essentially, in this section, you present the results you test and verify your systems. It is a bonus for you to present a comparative study in this section. The comparative study compares your techniques with existing ones(one or two is enough). Note that please put your most existing pictures in this section, rather than put the pictures as appendices.

  6. Discussion and Conclusions

    In this section, please discuss a number of issues you met in implementing and testing your systems or any problems you had in doing your project. If possible, please compare your techniques and the existing ones and point out their advantages and disadvantages. If you have problems, try to point out the possible solutions even you did not implement.

    Draw some conclusions about you have done and achieved.

  7. Acknowledgment

    Acknowledge any one who ever helped you in the process of your project.

  8. References

    List a number of references you ever referred to.


Some students do not write down the periodic results they have achieved while they are doing their projects. After they have finished their projects, they also forget the details of the projects. Therefore, please take down whatever you have done while you are doing your project. Such notes will be valuable for you to write your thesis.

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