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D. Vitasari and S.J. Cox (2017) A viscous froth model adapted to wet foams. Coll. Surf. A. In press. Preprint

A. Mughal, S.J. Cox and G. E. Schroeder-Turk (2017) Curvature driven motion of soap cells in toroidal Hele-Shaw cells. To appear in Interface Focus.

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J.H. Veldhuis, A. Ehsander, J.-L. Maitre, T. Hiiragi, S. Cox, and G.W. Brodland (2017) Inferring cellular forces from image stacks, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 372: 20160261.

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M.A.C. Teixeira, S. Arscott, S.J. Cox and P.I.C. Teixeira (2015) What is the shape of an air bubble on a liquid surface? Langmuir 31: 13708-13717. Postprint.

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I. Cantat, S. Cohen-Addad, F. Elias, F. Graner, R. Hohler, O. Pitois, F. Rouyer, A. Saint-Jalmes, R. Flatman (trans.), and S.J. Cox (ed.) (2013) Foams: structure and dynamics. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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aqueous area boundary bubbles bulk candidates cluster drag drainage ellipse emulsions experimental experiments films flow fluid foam form fraction hexagonal length liquid model network orientation partition perimeter plateau pressure rate sedimentation simulations sphere structure surface t1s torque two-dimensional viscous volume
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