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April 2014: From 14th to 16th, Tudur and Simon are at the Institute of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Spring Meeting at spectacular Lake Vyrnwy. The theme of this year's conference is Advances in Rheometry, and the proceedings will be dedicated to Ken Walters on the occasion of his 80th birthday and in recognition of his contributions to rheology. The meeting also plays host to the AGM of the British Society of Rheology.

February 2014: The Foams and Minimal Surfaces follow-up meeting will be held during the last week of this month. Almost 50 foamy people, many of them from the original meeting in 2002, will be in Cambridge for the week. The programme is now available on the website of the Newton Institute.

December 2013: Simon learnt about the rheology of Coating, Printing and Painting at the BSR's midwinter meeting in Cambridge.

November 2013: The website for the 2014 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium is now available. The meeting will be held in Cardiff next April, organised by members of WIMCS.

November 2013: Simon will be teaching at the school on the Structure and dynamics of liquid foams and their applications in Orsay, France, during the first week of November. The school is loosely based on the book Foams: Structure and Dynamics.

July 2013: The translated French textbook on foams: "Foams: Structure and Dynamics" is now available from OUP. It contains chapters on Uses of foams; Foams at equilibrium; Birth, life and death; Rheology; Experimental and numerical methods, all interwoven to provide an exhaustive source on the physics and physico-chemistry of foams.

June 2013: Joint work with colleagues in Rennes has resulted in a featured paper in Physics of Fluids, on the flow of foams down parallel narrow channels.

May 2013: Simon attended a joint workshop in Swansea between WIMCS and STFC's Hartree Centre on Challenges and Opportunities in Computational Modelling, and learned alot about different simulation tools in various fields.

April 2013: Simon has been elected as a fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

April 2013: An image from a joint publication, "Comparative study of non-invasive force and stress inference methods in tissue", led by groups in Japan and France, that uses Simon's Surface Evolver data, will appear on the next cover of the European Physical Journal E. You can see it here.

April 2013: The group attended the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) in Leeds. David, Tudur and Simon gave talks and Oliver took a poster on simulating visco-elasto-plastic fluids as a proxy for foams.

March 2013: Simon gave a talk on joint work with Andy Kraynik at the INNFM's Kavli meeting, and presented posters by Tudur and David.

February 2013: Oliver Bain has joined us as a PDRA, funded by RIVIC. Oliver completed his PhD in Applied Mathematics at Nottingham University. He will work on continuum modelling of foam flows.

January 2013: Simon gave a talk on foam rheology as part of the inaugural event of the Cardiff University SIAM student chapter.

January 2013: Simon is co-organising, with Francois Graner, an Infoamal workshop on Foam Coarsening in Paris.

December 2012: We are currently advertising for a PDRA to work on modelling and visualization of foams.

November 2012: We will organise the mid-winter meeting of the British Society of Rheology in Aberystwyth next month. The theme is Extensional Flows.

November 2012: Rob Kusner visited from the Isaac Newton Institute (and, indirectly, the University of Massachusetts Amherst). He gave seminars on "The space of soap bubbles" and "Torus tilings and smectic singularities"; the latter was in response to a problem we had discussed just over 10 years ago, again at the INI. He also climbed Cadair Idris!

See foam news archive for more.


Also see AU's repository: Cadair

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See publications archive for more.

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