Challenge 02: Mission Possible

This exercise is worth ≥ 0% of the marks for CS25320 again, but upon completion of this exercise you will become a TRUE Novice Web Programmer (and part of the code may aid you in your assignment)! But failure to do so will result in facing a even harder exercise. This is an individual exercise and needs to be done within 1 hour. Now go! Young programmers!

Here Comes the Exercise

Convert a user input variable to find a data and show it on canvas cross 3 web pages. This means you need to make 3 working web pages and save your work under public_html directory (you may create a subdirectory for this ecercise). CSS is also required this time. You may also:

Exercise Breakdown

Make sure to complete everything stated below. Anything this web page did not state are optional. Vaughan reserves the right to modify or withdraw this site at any time without liability.

Web Page 1

This page allows user to type or select a date (DD/MM/YYYY) and submit it for further use. You need:

  1. Something for user to input date in any format.
  2. A button to submit text to next web page.

The text box allow user to type in any date but can not leave empty or non date input before submit. Press the submit button to web page 2.

Web Page 2

Use the university database:
Take the input date from web page 1. Convert it to a index number and find correspond data in the database:

  1. Do NOT use javascript in this web page.
  2. Show the date first before the conversion.
  3. To convert the date to number, multiply Day, Month, Year then mod the total number of row in the database table and +1.
  4. Display the full data based on the correspond number (by tourid).

Print any necessary variable name and value. You may also store/pass some variable to web page 3.

Web Page 3

Print/draw/write the value of startplace from the data in a canvas:

  1. Create a canvas.
  2. Put the value of startplace received from the web page 2 in the canvas.

Make sure the full text is visible on the canvas.

Additional Requirement

A good programming style with rich comments can make code debug and maintenance much easier. Make sure your web page:
  1. This time, CSS is required! Make a header in each web page (e.g. Web Page 1/2/3). Use CSS to change header text colour to blue, and change web page's background colour to pink.
  2. Use appropriate variable names.
  3. In each page,provide links to the other 2 pages (for easy access).
  4. Pass W3C validation.

Show the working web pages to Vaughan when you have finished.