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Hey everyone! I'm Chris and I'll be your Open Co-ord

for the next year. As a second year zoology student

I love animals and have a bit of a wild side. My role

will include managing the society and helping the

committee behind the scenes to run the events and

campaigns to bring you lots of fun all year. If you

ever have any questions feel free to ask! See you all





Woman's Co-ordinator  N/A





Hey, I'm Lorraine and I'll be your secretary and

treasurer for this year. I'm currently in my

second year studying maths. My role within the

society is to manage and take care of Pride

funds and the mailing lists. There will be weekly

emails from me on behalf of the committee

explaining what will be happening social/ campaign

wise during that week. Along with the rest

of the committee I'll be making sure the socials

go as smoothly as possible and ensuring

everyone has a good time. I'm a good listener

and I'm willing to help, so if you have any

questions or need advice let me know. I'm

looking forward to meeting and getting to know you






Hey All, I'm Patch, I'm a theatre, film and television student and I'm

one of your campaigns officers. I'm a relaxed

and easy going person who enjoys meeting new people and hanging

out down the pub or at the beach. There are many campaigns that we will

want to be a part of in the next year. We are always around for people to

get into contact with us about any upcoming campaigns and make any

suggestions. I will always be available

for a chat and to help anyone out who is looking for someone to talk to.

Essentially, I aim to try and make your experience with AberPride the best

it can be with the little time that I have. I look forward to meeting you all!

See you soon!



Entertainments Officer Jess









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