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AberPride in Aberystwyth is here to enable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and any other students to socialise, meet new people, make friends, and have a good time. This website is here to keep you up-to-date with the society, take part in discussions and polls, and also as an aid to new members to get to know the society.

Social aspect

The society has an active social aspect: we have 2 socials each week so that members can come together to give ideas to the society, voice their views, and catch up on all the gossip. Each month we hold a event, Scene, where we have exclusive access to a bar so members can feel safe, meet new people and have fun.  During the year we will also be running gender socials which are events or a part of a event where you can mix with your preferred gender only.

Campaigning aspect

The society provides a forum for campaigning and we will be actively involved in any campaigns that members wish us to be. That does not mean you have to take part - the campaigns the society offer will be there for the members that want to take part. We will be looking at issues such as of biphobia, transphobia, sexual health, gay rights, discrimination etc. We will also be looking into having guest speakers come to the University and give open lectures.

Welfare aspect

We are committed to the welfare of our members. The society members list is kept confidential. If you ever feel worried, upset or just need someone to talk to, then members of the committee will be there to help you as much as possible. Anything that you tell a member of the committee is confidential so if you need to talk about coming out, health or sex issues, if you’re scared of coming to socials, or even if there are problems with your course, etc., just contact one of us.  If you are worried about coming to AberPride you can come and meet the committee in a quieter atmosphere so you don’t have to dive straight into an event by yourself. Our e-mail address is

The Society as a whole

As a society we are open and friendly and we provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Members can be involved in as many or as few of our activities and events as they like. We welcome new members all the time and you can sign up via facebook, asking a committee member or emailing the society at any point in the year. If you are new and scared or worried about attending a meeting and want someone to go along with you then contact the society and we can arrange for one of us to meet you beforehand. You should never feel that the society is closed-minded or scary to come to. If you have any concerns, please email us at

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