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LGBT History

We take pride in our history, what have you done today to make yourself proud?

Beth yw Hanes LDHT?

Everyone has a history, but some history is hidden away and silenced.  LGBT history is out there, however a lot of people do not realise or see it.  It is time to educate, to raise awareness to build a society that looks back and says “look how far we have come”.

Why is LGBT History Important?

In the past most people in the LGBT community have stay quiet to avoid attention, a lot still do.  Since 1997 things have improved because of the human rights legislation from the repeal of Section 28 to the introduction of partnership rights. However the years of silence has caused ignorance and distorted views of what LGBT means.

By building awareness and educating we can break the silence, and build a future of understanding surrounding people that do not conform to the conventional notions about sexuality and gender.

At one time if you were “working class” you didn’t go to University, at one time women stayed at home, and the men went to work.  Every member of the LGBT community should feel safe, equal and not different.

Time Line

1290 - First mention of punishment in English Common Law for homosexuality.

1300 - The ‘Britton’ treatise prescribed that sodomites be burned alive in England.

1530 - Buggery becomes a capital crime.

1861 - Death penalty abolished for buggery in England and Wales.

1885 - Labouchere’ Amendment made to the Criminal Law Amendment Act.  Makes all male homosexual acts (‘acts of gross indecency’) illegal.

1895 - The Trial of Oscar Wilde.

1920 - The term ‘gay’ comes into usage.

1921 - Attempt to make lesbianism illegal.

1928 - First undisguised openly Lesbian novel ‘The Well of Loneliness published’.

1957 - The Homosexual Law Reform Society forms.

1964 - The North West Homosexual Law Reform Committee founded.

1967 - Male homosexuality is legalised in England and Wales.

1970 - The Gay Liberation Front (GLF) formed.

1971 - First ‘Gay Day’ in Hyde Park, in London.

1972 - The first gay pride march and carnival took place in London.  ‘Gay News’ is launched.

1973 - Gay Switchboard set up.

1980 - Darlledwyd ‘A Change of Sex’ gan y BBC.  Cyfreithlonwyd gwrywgydiaeth a lesbiaeth yn yr Alban.

1982 - ‘A Change of Sex’ is broadcast on the BBC Homosexuality is legalised in Scotland. Homosexuality legalised in Northern Ireland. Terrence Higgins dies from AIDS related illness.

1985 - 241 AIDS deaths are recorded in Britain. It is estimated that 20,000 are carrying the disease.

1988 - Section 28 becomes law.

1989 - ‘Stonewall’ is founded.

1990 - ‘Outrage!’ is founded.

1994 - The age of consent for gay men is reduced to 18.

1999 - Trans people gain legal protection in the field of employment.

2000 - The Scottish version of Section 28 is repealed.  Ban on lesbians and gays serving the armed forces is lifted.  The age of consent for gay men is reduced to 16.

2002 - Equal rights granted to Lesbian and Gay couples applying for adoption.

2003 - Section 28 is repealed.  Lesbians and Gay men gain protective legislation in the field of employment.

2004 - The Sexual Offences Act is introduced. Trans people can legally change their birth certificates to their ‘corrected’ gender.  Civil Partnerships become legal for same-sex couples.

2005 - The first ever LGBT History Month. First civil partnerships took place.

2006 - Second LGBT History Month


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