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What is a bisexual?


Taken from the Oxford Dictionary

A very clinical approach! Basically it's someone who finds their own gender and the opposite gender attractive.

What is bi-phobia?

Bi-phobia is when you negatively regard those who like both sexes.

Where and when does this happen?

This can happen all the time and its not just straight people. Even gay, lesbian and transgender people can be bi-phobic.


There's no need – It is a valid sexuality. A bisexual is no different from anybody they are just normal people who want to enjoy life just like you and me.

Top Bisexual Myths

1. Bi's just don't exist

… and the survey says ... no.

That's like saying there is no such thing as a gay man, lesbian women, transgender or straight person! There are more Bi's than completely gay or lesbian people.

2. It is just a phase!
Yes some people who start off settle to be fully straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender. Though others are just attracted to both sexes. It is not always a phase period.
3. Bi's are just sex mad!
No. Sexuality does not define how much sex you have.
4. Bi's can't cope with a relationship
Untrue! Some Bi's are celibate. Some have just one partner; others have more than 1 ... just the same as people who fancy one gender.
5. Bi's spread HIV and STI's
No unsafe sex does - safe sex is the key.
6. Bi people get it easy
Actually it can be harder being Bi ... they have the same discrimination as gay, lesbians, and transgenders, and can also be discriminated against by gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Bi's and Sex

Bi's are just the same as everyone else...

Basically safe sex for all and safe sex is:

"Not allowing blood, semen, or vaginal fluids to pass from one person's body to another's"

Oral Sex:
Use dental dams, and flavoured condoms!
Penetrative sex:
Use condoms and lube!

Basic advice for all to follow whether you are bisexual, lesbian, transgender, gay, straight, whatever.

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