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Everyone needs someone once in a while to be there and help them out...

The Society....

AberPride isn't just about drinking and going on trips. We are here to support our members in anyway possible if you've got a problem gay or not and need to speak to someone that's exactly what your committee are for. Email us or speak to us or ...

The Union...

The Students' Union also offers Welfare and Counselling services ( Alternatively you can pay them a visit behind The Joint in the Student Union building. There you will be able to talk to advisors, councillors and even the Union's Welfare Officer. Through the Welfare Office you can also get in touch with the LGBT Officer  

Equal opportunities

The Union's statement on equal opportunities is:

'The Guild of Students wishes to create an environment in which all individuals and groups are free to partake in activities and are free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation on Guild Premises, or in events or activities organised by the Guild. To that end The Guild of Students is actively committed to a policy of equality of opportunity, in its activities, in employment practice and in the service provision for its student members. The Guild of Students will not discriminate on grounds of sex, marital status, race, ethnicity, colour, nationality, disability and trade union activity, sexual orientation, age, language, gender identity, family responsibility, socio-economic background, HIV/AIDS Status, religious or political belief. This list is not exhaustive.'

If you feel that this policy has been breached at any time you can bring it to the attention of any staff member, or contact the Equal Opportunities and Campaigns Officer @

Safe Sex and STIs

So you're thinking damn, they're already preaching about safe sex! Well no, we are not going to preach to you, safe sex is up to you, though we will give you the basics!

The safer you are the less STI's you are likely to get!

What is safe sex?!

'Not allowing blood, semen, or vaginal fluids to pass from one person's body to another's!'

Penetrative Sex: Use a condom and lube!
Oral Sex: Use flavour condoms or Dental Dams (a condom cut open is a good substitute for a dental dam).

This is all basic advice for all to follow whether you are bisexual, lesbian, transgender, gay, straight, whatever!!

If you're worried about STI's come and have a chat to us, we have a selection of resources which we can give out. Aberystwyth also has a GUM clinic which is located at:

Department of Genitourinary Medicine
North Road Clinic
Queens Avenue
Aberystwyth, SY23 2EG

Tel: 01970 636216 (direct line)
Opening Times: Wed, 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Remember if you think you have a STI it is far better getting it checked out earlier than later. The earlier treatment starts the better the final outcome will be. For further information on safe sex and STIs please check out our website resource list

Coming Out

At some point you may decide to come out! A scary and probably most nerve wracking thing you will do, or the easiest thing you will ever do, it is different for everyone. You should never feel forced to do anything, so wait until you are ready. Find the person you trust the most and start with them, the more times you come out to people the easier it will get.


Many of the issues surrounding job hunting as a lesbian, gay, or bisexual student or graduate are concerned with issues of disclosure - how much, if anything, to reveal to an employer, and at what stage in the selection process. Recent changes in legislation have made discrimination at work on the basis of sexual orientation illegal, but the issues you face are still intensely personal ones.

The legislation - your rights

The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations came into effect on 1st December 2003. These regulations protect lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the workplace against both direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the basis of their sexuality. What is more, they cover all stages of employment, from applying for a job through to getting references when you leave, and include training, benefits and promotion. Look at the DTI website (  for more information and for a copy of the regulations.


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