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 All of this section was written by a previous committe member but was worth keeping. the section between the *'s may be a little inappropriate but made me laugh so kept it 


If you are a new or an old member, your uni years will be some of the best of your life!

For you new guys and girls you will quickly find the people you should know and those that you should avoid.

*Every uni has a “local bike” yano someone that will shag anything and everything so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Having said that there are some jolly nice people in Aber so go forth and make new friends!

A friend you say? Yup they come in many shapes and sizes, try and find a breed that you get on with, people who you can have a laugh with, will be there for you (although that’s a two way thing OK) and are generally riding the same wave as you!*

Living in Halls

If you’re a fresher chances are you’ll be in halls. Your matchbox of a room will be the set for the next 9 months of fun, thrills, tears and perhaps abit of work! Be warned though you will be supplied with curtains that clash with EVERYTHING even magnolia so bare it in mind when choosing posters be it of sunsets or puppies or semi naked torsos….remember though pictures tell a thousand words so if you don’t want to out yourself straight away choose carefully.

As your angelic committee we don’t condone the breaking of certain rules such as “no overnight visitors unless signed in before Xpm” what we will say is errm bend them slightly! I mean we all know how late night revision sessions can get abit hot and steamy so yano your going to show your “friend” your hand crafted revision notes, either that or just don’t get caught.

Another word of warning (see aren’t we nice) the uni knocked the halls up in double quick time a tent is more soundproof than the partition walls and trust us it’s really irritating having to listen to your neighbour muttering “it’s like living next to aload of rabbits!” really puts you off ;-).

Private Accommodation

For those of you that are returning students and some of you first years as well may be living in private accommodation. Now when you first move in you will get a big flush of real responsibility and feeling of making it on your own. There are lot of things to remember.

When you first go looking for a house, check the contract and make sure that there are no ‘hidden clauses' or ways the landlord could ‘screw you over.' Most private accommodation requires a deposit and at least paying half rent over summer.

When you move in don't forget to take the meter readings and make sure you let the electric, gas and water companies know that you have moved in. Then all you have to do is remember to pay them. If your lucky enough to have a nice landlord they will sort the council tax out for you, however if they don't just remember as a student you do not pay it!

Last but not least, you are probably sharing with friends so don't forget that you will live and share with each other every day. The most common arguments are disappearing food, you've not done the washing up or the dreaded ‘you've bought cheap rough toilet paper'! One last piece of advice houses carry sound just the same as halls do, so when you are doing your monkey impressions late at night you may be waking someone up!

Keeping Safe

Keeping safe in Aberystwyth!! Come on this is a quiet seaside town! Well yes it is, but you still need be cautious, remember to try and always walk in pairs late at night and especially down dark alley ways.

Be careful of your mobile phone, come on you don't want anyone nicking it and reading your text messages about the night before! The crime rate is low, so anything serious is big news, but petty crime does happen.

When you're out remember that not everyone is pride friendly, be careful when you go out to the pubs and clubs in town out. Drink and dancing can be fun, though drink can also make people more violent, you don't want a big shiny black eye for your date the next day.

We're just saying look after yourself. Aberystwyth is a very safe place to be! Go out have fun and enjoy your time here.

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