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Pride Campaigns

Why do we do campaigns?

The society is here to be your voice on LGBT+ issues, in addition to providing chances you with chances to socialise with people who share your sexuality.

There are several key campaigns that will be an integral part of the year: Biphobia, Trans*phobia, Sexual Health, Mental Health, World AIDs Day

We are also looking to expand our horizons and hope to do a few campaigns with other societies such as Tickled Pink, Aber Amnesty and RAG.

With the support of the union’s LGBT Officer Rob, we will also be supporting all the NUS campaigns this year, especially one close to our hearts; Out in Sport.

Watch this space for more details

How do I get involved?

You can get involved by helping our campaigns officer (, being there at campaigns and taking part, by suggesting campaigns to pursue. If you want a better future watch out for messages for our campaigns officer and get involved!

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