These notes originate from my half of our second-year quantum physics module. I no longer teach this module, so local students may wish to consult John Gough's and Edwin Flikkema's notes in the first instance. However, I like to think these pages may be helpful in perhaps giving another angle on the same material, so I've decided to leave them online.

This is the medium-level of our three quantum physics modules. It builds on the more conceptual treatment of ph143, The Quantum Universe, and reviews the fundamental ideas of quantum mechanics using mathematics known from mp260, Mathematical Physics. MPhys students return to this matter in Year 4, where phM30 provides the full mathematical rigour necessary to deal with complex quantum systems. This module has 3-4 lectures a week, a few workshops, and two problem sheets.

Contents of my part of the module


Further reading

The book Introduction to Quantum Physics by AP French and EF Taylor is a bit more than it claims to be; it will get you through all of this lecture and a good bit further. Spin is covered in an excellent way in the introductory chapter of JJ Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics.

Balázs Pintér and Edwin Flikkema have their notes for this module on Blackboard (AU users only).