If you would like to receive a (p)reprint of any of the papers mentioned on these pages, please drop me a line by clicking on the reference you're after. Abstracts, some figures and commentary on the more recent papers can be found on the pages describing our current research. Follow the "outline" links to access these.

Laser-heated in-situ high-temperature work

Structure of nano-ceramics, nano-crystals, nano-composites, nano-particles:

Structure of silicate glasses:

Lithium diffusionHan:

SB) reporting work carried out during my postdoc time in Rolf Hempelmann's group at UdS Saarbrücken...
Han) ...and during my postgraduate project with Paul Heitjans in Hannover. Have a look at their web page if you are interested in ionic mobility and NMR relaxation and impedance spectroscopy.
Bw) For full bibliographic citation, please refer to the version available at www.blackwell-synergy.com.
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