Here are a collection of the games that I’ve half-developed over the years. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking!

Blue Wheetos! Blue Wheetos From Space
A space invaders-style game – shoot them before they shoot you! The game features powerups, different enemies, bosses every few levels, and alien breakfast cereal-based action.

PlatformerUnfinished Platformer
I started writing this platformer a long time ago and never got round to making anything of it. At the moment all you can do is jump around, place bombs and watch the little guys run around for a while! Controls are: arrow keys for movement, space to plant a bomb, down arrow to create a new dwarf.

Each dwarf’s goal is to first locate the palm tree and then return to their base (the number above their head indicates what their current goal is). As they run around, they leave a trail that the others can follow (depending on their goal) in order to work out the best path.

This game is currently under development. It’s based on Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe. The object of the game is to get five pieces in a row. However, things are made slightly more complicated by the fact that the board ‘wraps’ around. More details can be found on the game page itself.

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