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Intelligence involves how governments find out what others are doing. It is the secret world of spies, espionage and code breaking. It is also a world of controversy – over how intelligence is collected, who has access to it, how governments are influenced by intelligence and how they control it. How can the need for intelligence gathering be balanced against civil liberties? Who should have access to intelligence and to whom should the intelligence agencies be accountable? Intelligence is seen as vital in the war on terror and was a key element in the decision to invade Iraq ; but many of the issues surrounding intelligence are rooted in history and historical events. This unique scheme studies not only the history of intelligence and its contemporary uses, whilst placing it in the context of international politics, but also the efficacy and morality of 'covert operations'.

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International Politics & Intelligence Studies
L250 BScEcon 3 years

Degree Scheme Structure

Year One

During their first year (known as ‘Part One') students are introduced to the study of International Politics and to some of the major areas of the discipline. The Department offers six modules for first year undergraduates:

Single Honours students are encouraged to take all six of these modules, but it is possible to take some modules from other Departments if you prefer.

Years Two and Three (Part 2)

During their either their second or third year students are required to take the core module for their degree scheme. In the case of International Politics and Intelligence Studies this is:

Other modules primarily dedicated to the study of intelligence include:

In their final year students are required to complete a 12,000-word dissertation on a topic related to their chosen degree scheme.

In addition to these core elements, Single Honours students take up to nine optional modules from the Department of International Politics over years two and three. The range of options on offer changes from year to year. For a list of modules on offer in the current academic year click here.


The two core intelligence Masters modules are:



Interested in studying Intelligence at Aberystwyth?  Please Email: intelligence@aber.ac.uk