Pippa Moore

Marine Ecology and the Impacts of Environmental Change

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I teach a range of second and third year modules; to find out more about a particular module please select from the menu, right.

In addition, I actively encourage undergraduate students to get involved in research being undertaken within the research group. I believe that getting hands-on experience working within a research active group aids the learning experience by placing the lectures and theory into context. If you are interested in becoming involved please get in touch.

You can also undertake work experience within the lab to fulfil the requirements of the BR24210 Work Experience module.

Teaching Awards 2012


"Mae'n debyg mai dyma'r lle gorau'n y byd i fod yn fyfyriwr"

"Probably the best place in the world to be a student" 



Marine Biology

Aquatic Micro and Macrophytes

Marine Biology Fieldcourse

Freshwater Biology Fieldcourse

Population and Community Ecology

Honours Project


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