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Marine Ecology and the Impacts of Environmental Change

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Ally Evans

Ally is studying artificial coastal defence structures as surrogate habitats for natural rocky shores.

With a background in environmental management and nature conservation, Ally is approaching this research from an applied perspective, in line with government and industry priorities.

Through empirical field experiments, she is investigating the role of coastal defences in providing substrate for the colonisation of native and non-native biodiversity. In addition, she is investigating the potential for structures to be manipulated to achieve more beneficial ecological outcomes from coastal defence works.


Ben HarveyBen Harvey

Ben is studying the effects that combined ocean acidification and warming have on the physiology and ecology of shallow-water marine organisms, and the processes that structure marine ecosystems.

In particular, he is investigating how these combined stressors will affect predator-prey and multi-trophic interactions.

Ben approaches this issue using aquarium-based mesocosms to determine the impacts of artificially simulated end of the century climate change conditions.


Meet the team

 PhD students

 Volunteers & visitors



Ally Evans

Ben Harvey