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Welcome to my web pages. I joined the Centre for Glaciology as a Lecturer in April 1999 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in April 2002. I have an MA (Hons) in Geography and a PhD, both from the University of Edinburgh. Before entering the world of lecturing, I worked for English Nature (the Nature Conservancy Council for England) for 4 years as a Quaternary Geologist, before moving to become Lecturer in Physical Geography at Liverpool John Moores University in 1995.

My research interests are in glacial geology and geomorphology; processes and landforms of glacial erosion; glacial geology and ice sheet reconstruction; structural glaciology and landform development at modern glaciers.

I have studied glaciers and glacial landforms in various parts of the world, including Greenland (1989), Svalbard (1993, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001), Sweden (2001), Chile and Argentina (1992, 2000). I am an active member of the Quaternary Research Association (QRA) and the International Glaciological Society as well as a scientific editor for the Journal of Glaciology.


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