Admin Terminal

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You are a sysadmin at a major IT company, someone has managed to infiltrate your system. Without finding them, they will do a lot of damage to your systems and business.

You must stop the intruder as soon as possible. To do this, you must play their game. Follow the clues hidden in each computer (emails, logs) and beat the challenges.

Access the hacker's computer and put an end to their hacking attempts! You can always type help if you're stuck. And remember, it's always worth looking at the emails on a computer, they're stored in the same place!

Quick Help

print current position - pwd
list current directory - ls
change current position - cd <directory>
go back to previous directory - cd ..
connect to a new computer - ssh

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Directories & Paths

The 'path' given by pwd tells you where you are inside the computer. This is roughly the same as 'folders' in Windows PCs. Instead of double-clicking on a folder, we cd (change directory) into it instead.

To go up from the current folder, i.e. back to where you were, use the command cd ..

Reading Files

To read the contents of a file, for example officecomputers.txt, use the cat command as so:
cat officecomputers.txt

Decrypting Files

Some files are encrypted, using cat on them will just show you gibberish. In this case, you will need to decrypt it with decrypt - for example:
decrypt system.log

Depending on the difficulty of the encryption, different challenges will be presented to you.