AROO: The autonomous sailing robot boat

Mark Neal

Well here is a rather slender (and probably out of date by the time you find it) description of some of the things that I do with my time. If there is something that you expected to find here, but didn’t then that’s probably because I did it after I wrote this page. Or just because I though it was too boring to include.

Mark Neal's Home Page This is just a boring list of stuff about me.

Cruising under sail This is all about my boating activities… some very distant and some just down the road. There’s also lots more on a page that Simon made for us: Lot's more boat stuff.

Robotics projects Some of the fun robotics stuff that I have done/been involved in.

Artificial immune systems I got involved with this because of Jon Timmis (I “supervised” his PhD… anyone who knows me will get the joke).

Publications There seem to be more of these than I remember. Is this a sign of getting old?

Sheddy stuff I quite like my shed.




Final year project topics for 2005-2006