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A collection of visual, digital and intermedial poems from 1998-2017

John Morgan ||| |||


Altar of leaves

Hoon pa yong (2017: to be added) [Bangkok]

na ma pa ta (2017: to be added) [Saraburi, Thailand]

In each field an instant haiku (2017: to be added) [Ban Nayang Tai, Laos]

Than Yu ທັນຍູ Dai Moh ໄດໂມ່ (2017: to be added) [Muang Ngoi, Laos]

Impending storm (2017: to be added) [Muang Ngoi and Nong Khiaw, Laos]

Hua mangkorn (2017: to be added) [Nong Khiaw to Muang Ngoi, Laos]

Yan lipao (2017: to be added) [Bang Sai and Bankampu, Thailand]

Missing breeze (2017: to be added) [Bangkok]

Contemplating release in the spirits of dogs (2017: to be added) [Bangkok to Rayong]

The non-window window seat (2017: to be added) [Manchester to Doha]

Floral blue (2017: to be added) [reflections on a spirit journey 1: Bow Street, Wales to Abu Dhabi]

House spirit (2017: to be added) [reflections on a spirit journey 2: Bangkok, Thailand]

On the edge of the stream (2017: to be added) [reflections on a spirit journey 3: Zagros Mountains, Iran]

Ararat's gaze (2017) [reflections on a spirit journey 4: Mt. Ararat, Turkey, aglimpseof, The Mutability Issue, Athens, 2017 | individual page | VISPO tag]

Altar of leaves (2017: to be added) [reflections on a spirit journey 5: Saraburi, Thailand to Bow Street, Wales]


The colour of water

Fae the bells of Canigó [1] (2016: to be added) [Mount Canigó, Pyrénées Catalanes, Languedoc Roussillon]

Papirología [14] (2016: to be added) [Montserrat, Catalonia]

Hoodoo chimneys [14] (2016: to be added) [Les Orgues, Ille-sur-Têt, Languedoc Roussillon]

Camí de la Ximeneia [4] (2016: to be added) [Mount Canigó, Pyrénées Catalanes, Languedoc Roussillon]

Eleven moons long [11] (2016: to be added) [Mount Canigó, Pyrénées Catalanes, Languedoc Roussillon and Ebre Delta, Catalonia]


A small death of words (2015) [Tarragona, Catalonia]

Playa de los Muertos (2015) [Playa de los Muertos, Cabo de Gata, Anadalucía]

El suspiro del Moro (2015) [Sierra Nevada, Anadalucía] Published in Reliquiae Digital Supplement (page 44), First Issue, July 2016, Corbel Stone Press. Link to Reliquiae Journal download page | Link to Corbel Stone Press

The colour of water (2015) [Peñabon, Sierra Nevada, Anadalucía] Accepted for publication in Reliquiae Vol. 4 (print), Corbel Stone Press, November 2016 (forthcoming). Link to publisher

Address with no location (2015) [Elantxobe and Lekeitio, Basque Country]



Guardstones (2017: to be added) [Cnicht, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Þéotan (2015-2017) Published in 'Wolf Crossing', The Learned Pig

Y Llethr (2017: to be added) [Mynydd Mynach, Crib-y-rhiw and Y Llethr, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Many inversions on the maddening hold (2017: to be added) [Cadair Idris: Penygadair and Mynydd Moel, Eryri/Snowdonia]

On Gwilym's Cairn (2017: to be added) [Carn Hyddgen, Ceredigion]

Hafren stone (2017) [Pumlumon Arwystli and Source of the River Severn, Ceredigion/Powys] Accepted for publication in Nature and Regeneration, Contemporary Poetry Series Vol. 1, No. 6, Corbel Stone Press, June 2017 (forthcoming). Link to publisher

Writing a flood vision (2017: to be added) [Bow Street, Ceredigion]

One of those landings (2017: to be added) [Bow Street, Ceredigion]

Winter rise apples never tasted so sweet (2017: to be added) [Bow Street, Ceredigion]

Sandsharks (2016: to be added) [Ynyslas, Ceredigion]

A difference of clouds (2016: to be added) [Rhinog Fach, Eryri/Snowdonia]

On Hawk's Bare Hill (2016) [Moel Hebog and Beddgelert Forest, Eryri/Snowdonia]

The name of the moon (2016: to be added) [Cwm Lloer to Bwlch Eryl Farchog, via Pen yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd and Carnedd Llywelyn, Eryri/Snowdonia]

The rumour of hawkweed yet to be found (2016: to be added) [Llyn y Fan Fach to Fan Brycheiniog, Black Mountain, Brecon Beacons]

Jac y dô's shadow (2016: to be added) [Ynys Sgomer/Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire]

Chevaux de frise (2016: to be added) [Foel Drygarn to Foel Cymcerwyn, Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire]

The Llyn Cwm Llwch vines (2016: to be added) [Pen y Fan, Brecon Beacons]

Covenant Stones (2016: to be added) [Carn Gwilym and Cerrig Cyfamod Glyndwr, Ceredigion]

The fossil will find me (2016) [Moel Siabod, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Cairn 688 'Level (disused)' (2016) [Diffwys, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Kistvaen (2016) [Eve of the vernal equinox at Bryn Cader Faner, Moel Ysgyfarnogod, Foel Penolau and Diffwys, Eryri/Snowdonia]

In the Lone Frog Snows of Rhobell Fawr (2016) [Rhobell Fawr, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Azimuth daze (2015 )[Aran Fawddwy, Eryri/Snowdonia and Rio Trevélez, Sierra Nevada, Anadalucía]

The '43 change in the seasons I read (2015) [Arenig Fawr, Eryri/Snowdonia]

Nine Stone Bards (2015) [Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon, Eryri/Snowdonia]

A Mile of Rhinog Fawr (2015) [Rhinog Fawr, Eryri/Snowdonia: Paired poem with The Miles of Aran Fawddwy]

The Miles of Aran Fawddwy (2015) [Aran Fawddwy, Eryri/Snowdonia: Paired poem with A Mile of Rhinog Fawr]

Eglwys Gwyddelod (Church of the Irish) (2015) [Eglwys Gwyddelod, Eryri/Snowdonia]

In Selyf's Brush (2015) [Carn Ingli, Pembrokeshire]



Night of the Horse (2015) [Inspired by 'Dark Movements' by Clive Hicks-Jenkins and the tradition of the Mari Lwyd]

Living in time (2015) [Inspired by the Czech play 'Balada Pro Banditu']



Ararat's gaze (2017) [Mt. Ararat, Turkey, aglimpseof, The Mutability Issue, Athens, 2017 | individual page | VISPO tag]

From a stolen voice at Holatyn (2017) [Inspired by the novel Nikola the Outlaw, by Ivan Olbrect (1933), aglimpseof, The Allegorical Issue, Athens, 2017 | individual page | VISPO tag]

Origins (2015) [response to 'What Happened?': a play by Gertrude Stein, aglimpseof, Issue 7, Athens, 2015 | individual page tag | VISPO tag]

Vacated thoughts (a euphorism) (2015) [2015: Year of the Euphorisms: aglimpseof, Athens, 2015 | 2015: Year of the Euphorisms Greek]

Not without newsprint / ΧἈΡΗ ΟΡΗΝ ἘΝΡΥΠΗ ΕΦΗΜΕΡἸΔΑ (2014) [Read between languages: English > Greek | Read between languages: Greek > English | aglimpseof, Issue 17, Athens, 2015 | Issue 17 Greek | VISPO tag]

Seven Voices // Pluie d'Automne / ΕΠΤΑ ΦΩΝΕΣ // Pluie d'Automne (2014) [Read between languages: English > Greek | Read between languages: Greek > English | paper aglimpseof 02, Athens, 2014 | paper aglimpseof 02 Greek]

Somnambulucide (2013) [Response to published responses in a glimpseof 01 to Kathy Acker source text, displayed at the opening for paper aglimpseof 01, Athens, 2013 | opening for paper aglimpseof 01 Greek]


Something, somewhere inverse we Behold

Something, somewhere inverse we Behold (2012) [original visual poem]

Double-glazed poetry (2013) [jpeg image of double-glazed sculpture: 1m x 80cm x 10cm, printed on acrylic glass and illuminated with four fluorescent lights]

It's all the same sea: from double-glazed to reader co-authored audiovisual poetry (Presentation web-site | E-Poetry Festival, Kingston University, 2013)

The making of Something, somewhere, inverse we Behold (2014) [A photo gallery flash essay]

A voice and something else (2014) [Conference link]


Outlining journeys in visual writing

Along the spine of Gilgamesh (2015) [jpeg image 960 x 4526 pixels. Tracking the routes over South-eastern Turkey and Iraq, via Emirates downward plane cam on flight from Manchester to Dubai]

Aisle 19 Southeastern Anatolia (2014) [Written in Keynote on iPad on board Emirates flight EK22. Remembering events travelling through Southeastern Turkey in 1985 via Emirates downward plane cam on flight from Manchester to Dubai in 2014]

Our ravine (2014) [jpeg image inspired by Apollinaire's 'Il Pleut', set in Bali, 1989]

Searching a Lost Word in Inuit concertina book (2017) [Images of concertina book]

Searching a Lost Word in Inuit (2014) [Inspired by Cathy Rounthwaite's Inuit Narrative]


[Mis]appropriations: borrowings, responses and remixes

It's raining (2014) [English version of Appolinaire's 1916 calligramme,'Il Pleut']

38 Minute Window (2014) [Flash animation | jpeg image | Remixing Mark Z. and Annie (aka Poe) Danieleski in a Northern Shropshire railscape]

Strange the limit freedoms (2014) [Reified version of entry in the Poetry Cube by Jason Nelson]

Who's Living at Number 2? (2014) [Writing the Edgelands, HEA event at Manchester Metropolitan University in Crewe]

Backrising and fall the mother and I (2014) [a captured and visualised reading of Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer]

Freeze/Frame (2013) [Remix of Nadine Söll's 'Can Visual Art Freeze Live Music Moments']

Sonor Lucide (2013) [Remix of James Wilkes' 'Making Poetry from Neuroscience: Text, Noise and Sonic Atmospheres from the Laboratory' and Richard Couzins' 'Object and Material Voice in Art Practice]

INOMOTHEISTIC RETREAT THE UNVOICEDCONCEIVE (2014) [Remix of Iégor Reznikoff's keynote speech 'The Voice and the Invisible']

Poemstones (2014) [Interpreting a collection of stones from Penbryn Beach through Pierre Joris' A Nomad Poetics, 2003]

Poemstones: Splice (2014) [Interpreting a collection of stones from Clarach Beach through William Kluback's, Edmond Jabes: The Poetry of the Nomad, 1998]

Broken LI-ne (2013) [Reflections on Helene Cixous, Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a Young Jewish Saint]

Dandelion Clock (2013) [gif animation of stills found on MySpace: possible Raw Shark un-texts by Steven Hall]

Bacteria Spread (2013) [gif animation of stills found on MySpace: possible Raw Shark un-texts by Steven Hall]

Sometimes I see (2012) [Unedited jpeg entry for Mark Z. Danielewski Facebook & Twitter photo competition for images of 'The Fifty Year Sword'(the competition was never judged as MZD entered a 'black' period of writing 'The Familiar')]

Ghost in the Dust (2012) [adaptation of a passage from 'Anabasis' by St. John Perse]


Howling Blue Dog: autoethnography and urban myth in extra-urban Australia, 1986 & 1987

Navigate the full collection (19 texts) or view individual texts and locations at links below

Howling Blue Dog (2012) [Chidlow, Albany and Coolgardie, Western Australia, 1986]


Stubbie (2012) [Port Augusta to Marla, South Australia, 1987]


Garden of Eden (2012) [Melbourne, Victoria, to Eden, New South Wales, 1986]


Gatecrash your own fantasy (2012) [Circular Quay, Paddington Market, Oxford Road and Manly, 1987]

Don't ruin the silence (2012) [Victoria Street, Potts Point, Sydney, to Cairns, Queensland, 1986]


North Wind (2012) [Cairns and the Barrier Reef, Queensland, 1986]


Route 87 Alice Springs North (2012) [Marla, South Australia, to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 1987]


Oodna-bloody-datta (2013) [Top of the Oodnadatta Track, South Australia, 1987]


The bend (2012) [South Australia, 1987]


Road train (2012) [Hughenden, Queensland to Darwin, Northern Territory, via Uluru and the Daly Waters Pub, 1986]


Twenty Dollars (2012) [Katherine, Northern Territory, 1986]


White Gums drone (2012) [White Gums Fields, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, 1987]


Nightshift (2013) [Nullabor Plain, near Ceduna, South Australia, 1986 and 1987]


Elizabeth (2012) [Elizabeth, South Australia, 1986]


Dead Certainty (2012) [Barmera, South Australia, 1986]


The messenger (2012) [Loveday, South Australia and the Sturt Highway to Sydney, New South Wales, 1986]


Leaving town (2012) [Sydney, New South Wales, to Darwin, Northern Territory, 1987]


Where the roads have no names (2012) [Avon Downs, Northern Territory, 1986]




Where no one goes (2012) [Katherine, Northern Territory, 1986]



Assorted visuals

Traumtänzer (2014) [Text reworking of 2004 video recordings, partially set in German Running Hand]

The Tweed Room (2014) [Visualised reworking of a poem written in the reception of a large multinational company in Paris, 1991]

Chameleon (2013) [Whitesands Bay, St Davids, 2013 & Koh Tao, Thailand, 1988]

Within you I still sleep (2013) [Visualised song lyrics]

Lost in time (2012) [Visualisation of a fifty word mini-saga from 1990]


Polarity's Child (original web-site: use back button to return to this page)

Sancti-Spiritus (2012) [jpeg image reflections on driving from Lisbon to Santander, August 2012]

Three ring circus (2011) [jpeg image inspired by Lou Reed live in Wolverhampton, 2011]

The messenger (2011) [Quicktime movie from iPod Touch 8mm film app and iMovie, set in South Australia, 1986]

Ambalangoda (2011) [Quicktime movie from Photoshop Elements gif animation, set in Sri Lanka, 1984]

Nothing to do with me (2011) [Quicktime movie from Photoshop Elements gif animation and parallel jpeg image]

Oral tradition (2009) [Quicktime movie from PowerPoint animation as example of a simple way of making moving text: video playback to be repaired]

Traumtänzer (2004) [Original mobile phone recordings: video playback to be repaired]

Coober Pedy (2002) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation]

Crows (2002) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation]

in she, who would (1999-2004) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation, made in two parts]

Seedfall (1998) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation]

The bend (1998) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation]

Children of Wasini Island (1998) [jpeg image set in PageMaker 4]

Know your own father (1998) [jpeg image set in PageMaker 4]

Phra Yai (1998) [JavaScript timeline animation in GoLive Cyber Studio 3: currently only works in Internet Explorer]

History (1998) [Quicktime movie from GifMation animation from a street art image of the crucifixion of Fido Dido, Bangkok, 1992]