.Immigration blues by Bienvenido N. Santos

a selection from being people an anthology, edited by Thomas Kral

The blues

"Feeling blue" means to feel sad, as does the phrase, "got the blues."

• Have you ever lived in another country and had to visit the immigration department there?

• How would you feel if you were studying in the US for several years?

• Would you get homesick?

• What would you miss most about your homeland?

• What aspects of American life would be hard to get used to for you?

If you have studied or lived in another country (and if you have not ask a friend or family member who has), write a short essay about your feelings when you were overseas.

• What does the title 'Immigration Blues' mean to you?

Send an e-mail to a friend or family member who is living overseas (you may just cheer them up!)

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