The Open Boat
The Red Badge of Courage & Other Stories
Life Raft

1. You are traveling by passenger ferry to a resort island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly a storm hits and the sea gets very rough. The ferry starts to sink quickly. You and your friends find a very small life raft. As the ferry sinks you must decide what you can take with you into the life raft and what you must leave behind. You only have room for 5 things from the list below. Which five will you take?

  • a portable stereo with AM/FM radio
  • a white bed sheet
  • a small mirror
  • a bottle of whiskey
  • a box of canned tuna
  • a large bag of chocolate candy
  • a map of the Pacific Ocean
  • a mosquito net
  • a fishing kit
  • 5 meters of nylon rope
  • a life jacket
  • a 5 liter bottle of water

Consider these items carefully and think of ways to justify your choices. Why have you decided to take the five items that you have selected? Find out what other people would choose to take.

2. Ranking. Rank the objects above from 1-12, based on their importance for your survival and rescue. 1 is the most useful and 12 is the least useful.

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