The Open Boat
The Red Badge of Courage & Other Stories
Applying Freytag's Pyramid to The Open Boat.

Draw a blank Plot Pyramid and label each of Freytag's seven steps from memory.

Next, re-order the events below from The Open Boat by copying the corresponding sentence below each term on the pyramid.


• The men jump off the boat into the water as the boat overturns.

• 4 men are in a lifeboat after a shipwreck.

• The correspondent, cook and captain are rescued, but realize that the oiler has drowned.

• As the dead oiler is carried onto land, the other three men finally understand the power of the sea and how lucky they are to be alive.

• The captain sees the lighthouse.

• The men try to row the boat to the shore.

• The men swim to shore.

Freytag's Pyramid: review and extension
Draw Plot Pyramids like the ones you did for Titanic and The Open Boat for the other stories you have already worked with in ELLSA.

Use single sentences to describe the key event/scene for each step in the plot.

Display them in class and discuss differences and similarities.

Be prepared to defend your choices.

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