The Gift of the Magi.
The Gift of the Magi & other stories

Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

What are some of the ways that your country observes Christmas?

What are some other times of the year when people in your country like to give or exchange gifts?

What is the best gift you've every received? Think about it and then tell a friend.

Work with a friend or think about someone you know well. Now think of a gift you think that person would like to receive for Christmas, New Year or a birthday (or another special occasion).

Write the gift down on a piece of paper, but don't show it to your friend. Don't tell them what it is. Make them guess what it is.

How well do you know each other?

Important dates
Christmas is a very special occasion for millions of people around the world. However, many people think that Christmas has become too commercial and it is easy to forget the true spiritual meaning of a special occasion. Think about all the special events in your country or region.

Make a list of all the special dates that you celebrate during each year.

Pay careful attention to the ones that you or your family celebrate most.

Write a short description of what you do on one of those special occasions.

Don't forget to include the names of the people who join in the celebration and places you visit.

Especially, write about the things you do on those days that are connected to the real meaning of the celebration and why you do them.

Which is the most important day of the year for you?

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