Project ELLSA (Electronic Literature and Language in South East Asia) is an on-line distance learning
program in American literature, history, and English
language education. ELLSA offers an internet
resource that maximizes the learning potential of
classroom materials available through the US
Department of State English Language Programs,
such as The American Literary Classics Series,
Highlights of American Literature, American
Patchwork and Being People.

Students and teachers from Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, and the Philippines will find on-line lessons
and activities to enrich their experience and
understanding of some of the best-loved works of
American literature. This is the first stage in a project that hopes to assist the educational community of Southeast Asia and unite them through a growing network of regional internet links and resources.

User Guidelines ... Technical Information

Level 1: American Literary Classics ... Map of ELLSA 1: American Literary Classics

Level 2: Tales of Mood and Mystery ... Map of ELLSA 2: Tales of Mood and Mystery

Level 3: Being People ... Map of ELLSA 3: Being People

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