Welcome to the Malta Fieldtrip Home Page.


The physical location of the Maltese Archipelago has guaranteed Malta an important role in the history of the Mediterranean. An understanding of the Maltese physical environment and the island's culture today, is necessary to understand the problems and opportunities which the islands face.


You will make your own way to the airport.

We fly from Heathrow Airport ON Friday April 16th and return one week later on Friday April 23rd.

Flight Times


As we are a large party we shall be checking in EARLY.

April 16th. Heathrow AIRPORT, Check in 08.45 AM.


APRIL 23rd. We will arrive back at Heathrow AIRPORT, 0.945 AM

A coach will be organised to transfer people from Heathrow to Aberystwyth.

We shall be staying at the St. Georges complex in St Julian's Bay.

Full travel insurance has been arranged.

You must possess a full BRITISH Passport, get yours now!

Now please take the virtual field trip and get to know the islands before we arrive


If you encounter any problems on your tour please let me know. JPG@aber.ac.uk, internal phone 2922.