Lower Coralline limestone.

This is the oldest rock on the island and underlies the Globigerina formation. On Malta it is rarely exposed, but on Gozo uplift associated with graben and horst activity has thrown up the 140 m high Xlendi cliffs which are entirely composed of Lower Coralline limestone.

Xlendi Cliffs. Fungus Rock.

The sediment is composed primarily of the coralline algae Lithothamnion and Archaeolithothamnion.The top of the Lower Coralline limestone is marked by a distinct bed containing the Echinoid Scutella subrotunda which we will see on Gozo. This rock can be very hard. The moat at Valletta is not as deep as planned as the Knights were unable to quarry the rock away.

The Azure window and the cliffs of Gozo. This structure is composed almost entirely of Lower Coralline limestone. The thin cap is composed of Globigerina. We visit this site on day 3.

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