Jess Charlton (jec44)

The aim of this experiment is to gather information on the human perception of rocks, and of which may be close enough and/or large enough to warrant further exploration, to extend the autonomous capabilities of rovers.

You can download my rock annotation program as a tar file here (~71MB).
MD5: 7e61ad905f43da8ae58b56e412f22cd2
SHA-1: 9f212fb88d9f9ef35b3bf263bed38deb32a80e95
Or download it as a zip here (~66MB).
MD5: a780fedf5c3d686995de6893285fd1ed
SHA-1: 51839683b833c8d49ee775e8e3f326e83520cf2a

You can find the user guide packaged with the download or read it online here.

Please package your results (the Drawn folder in Images) and upload them here.
There is a 20MB limit on upload; if your file is larger than this you may want to use the Aber dropbox (found here) and email me the web link (

There are 4 data sets (a-d); please complete at least one, but feel free to do more!