Horst Holstein

Papers in published conference proceedings

2010(a) H Holstein and C Anastasiades, "Asymptotic Anomalies of uniform thin sheets".   EAGE, St Petersburg (RF), 2010.

2010(b) H Holstein and C Anastasiades, "Finitely expanded gravity anomaly of uniform thin polygonal sheets". EAGE, Barcelona, 2010.

2010(c) H Holstein and C Anastasiades, "A numerically stable magnetic anomaly formula for uniform polyhedra." Accepted for SEG, Denver, 18-22 October 2010.

2010(d) H Holstein, D Fitzgerald, and C Anastasiades, "Gravi-magnetic anomalies of uniform thin polygonal sheets".  EAGE, Barcelona, 2010.  This is a repeat of the 2009 paper, requested by EAGE.

2009 H Holstein, D Fitzgerald, and C Anastasiades, "Gravi-magnetic anomalies of uniform thin polygonal sheets": 11th biennial meeting and exhibition, South African Geophysical Association. Best paper award.

2008(a) H Holstein, C WIllis and C Anastasiades "Gravity potential series expansion for homogeneous polyhedra". EAGE, Rome, 2008.

2008(b) H Holstein, C Anastasiades and B Ketteridge "Gravimagnetic anomaly formulae for extended homogeneous prisms". EAGE, St Petersburg, 2008.

2007(a) B Li, Q. Meng and H Holstein, "Adaptive Hierarchical RBF Network and Point-cloud Surface Reconstruction",  SIGGRAPH .

2007(b) D Fitzgerald, H Holstein, C L  Le Roux, D Argast, "The amplitude phase treatment of full tensor gradiometry",  SAGA Biennial Technical Meeting & Exhibition, 22-26 October 2007.

2007(c) B  Li, Q  Meng and H  Holstein, "Modelling of Large Scattered data Sets by Adaptive Hierarchical RBF", ICANN2007, Porto, Portugal, 9-13 September 2007

2007(d) D Fitzgerald, H  Holstein, A B Reid, E Biegert, "The Amplitude / Phase Treatment of Full Tensor Gradiometry ",  SEG, San Antonio, 24-27 September 2007

2007(e) H  Holstein, E M Sherratt, A B Reid, "Gravimagnetic field tensor gradiometry formulas for uniform polyhedra ",  SEG, San Antonio, 24-27 September 2007 (gives magnetic field gradient tensor components)

2007(f) H  Holstein, E M Sherratt, C Anastasiades, "Gravimagnetic anomaly formulae for triangulated homogeneous polyhedra", EAGE, London, 11-14 June 2007

2007(g) A Reid, D Fitzgerald, H Holstein, "Optimum Processing, QC and interpretation of tensor gradient data using whole tensor techniques, EAGE-SEG, 15-18 April 2007, Capri. EGM 2007 International Workshop (Innovation in EM, Grav and Mag Methods).

2006(a) B  Li, Q  Meng and H  Holstein, "Compact Representation of Range Imaging Surfaces", IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), 2006.

2006(b) Q  Meng, B  Li and H  Holstein, "Adaptive Point-cloud Surface Interpretation", Lecture Notes in Computer Science (special issue of  Computer Graphics International), LNSC number 4035.

2004 B Li and H Holstein. “A New Method for Sparse Point-Sets Matching with Underlying Non-rigidity”. Accepted for the 17th  International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2004, Cambridge, UK, 23-26 August, 2004.
2003(a) H Holstein “Asymptotically improved gravimagnetic anomaly formulas for linear medium polyhedra”. SEG 2003 International Exposition and 73rd Annual Meeting, October 2003, Dallas. 1-4.  Dallas, Texas October 26-31, 2003.
2003(b) B Li and H Holstein. “Using Ratio k-d Tree for Robust 3D Point Pattern Matching”.  The 4th International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling October 6-10, 2003.  The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada. 

2003(c) B Li, Q Meng and H Holstein, "Point Pattern Matching and Applications - a Review".
IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics,  October 5-8, 2003 in  Washington, D.C., USA.  (Awarded recommended paper and Conf. bonus)

2003(d) H Holstein and EM Sherratt.Performance of gravimagnetic anomaly algorithms for uniform polyhedra”.International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Russia, Moscow, Sovincenter, September 1-4, 2003. OS9/1425 1-4.

2003(e) B Li and H Holstein. "Perception of human periodic motion in light displays".  AISB 2003 Convention on Cognition in Machines and Animals, April 2003, Aberystwyth.  Proceedings of the Symposium of Biologically-Inspired Machnie Vision (ISBN 1 902056331), 102-108.

2002(a) B Li, H Holstein and Q Meng. Paper ID: 2002P1083. “Matching Feature Points for Articulated Pose Identification”.
Conference on Control, Automation, Robotic and Vision (ICARCV 2002), 2-5 December 2002, Singapore.

2002(b) M H Li, Q Meng and H Holstein. Paper ID: 2002P11252. “Learning and reuse of experience in behavior-based service robots”.  Conference on Control, Automation, Robotic and Vision (ICARCV 2002), 2-5 December 2002, Singapore.

2002(c) B Li and H Holstein, “Dynamic Segment-Based Sparse Feature-Point Matching in Articulate Motion'', Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, October 6-9, 2002, Hammamet, Tunisia.

2002(d) H Holstein and B Li, “Low Density Feature Point Matching for Articulated Pose Identification", British Machine Vision Conference, September  2-5, 2002. Cardiff, UK.

2002(e) Y Liu and H Holstein, “A Pseudo Linearization Method for Accurate Pose Estimation from a Single Image”, IEEE  International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2002), September 22-25, Rochester, New York, USA

2002(f) B Li and H Holstein. “Recognition of human periodic motion – a frequency domain approach”.  Proceedings of the International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2002, Vol. 1, 311-314. Québec, Canada.

1998 H Holstein and D Boyce.  "An animated computer model of the human foot''. Presented at the IEE colloquium on Computer Vision.  IEE publication, Ref 1998/433, 12/1-2.  London, UK.

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1977 A N Walker, H Holstein, "What Mathematics for Computer Scientists ?''  In: Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Conferences 1986, Proceedings. (Ed.) D. Cowers, Shell Centre for Mathematical Education, Nottingham, 129-135.


Articles in refereed journals

2007 B Li, Q. Meng and H Holstein, "Articulated Motion Reconstruction from Feature Points", in print: Pattern Recognition

2006 Q Meng, B Li, H  Holstein, "Adaptive Point-Cloud Surface Interpretation", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ISSN 0302-9743, Volume 4035/2006,  978-3-540-35638-7,  430-441.

2006 Q Meng, B Li, H  Holstein, "Recognition of Human Periodic Movements From Unstructured Information Using A Motion-based Frequency Domain Approach", Image and Vision Computing, Vol. 24, No. 8, pp. 795-809, 2006.

2006 DJ FitzGerald, H Holstein. "Innovative data processing methods for gradient airborne geophysical data 
sets". The Leading Edge, 25, 1, 87-94 (January 2006). (Minor review only)

2005 B Li, Q. Meng and H Holstein.   "Similarity K-d tree method for sparse point pattern matching with underlying non-rigidity". Pattern Recognition,  38, (12) , December 2005,  2391-2399.

2004(a) B Li, Q. Meng and H Holstein. “Reconstruction of Segmentally Articulated structure in Freeform Movement with Low Density Feature Points”. Image and Vision Computing, 22, (10), 749-759.

2004(b) B Li and H Holstein. “Articulated Pose Identification with Sparse Feature Points". IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Part B, 34(3), 1412-1422.

2004(c) Y Liu and H Holstein  “Pseudo-linearizing collinearity constraint for accurate pose estimation from a single image”.  Pattern Recognition Letters 25 955-965.
2004(d) B Li and H Holstein. "Perception of Human Periodic Motion in Moving Light Displays – a Motion-based Frequency Domain Approach". Interdisciplinary Journal of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour (AISBJ), 1, (5), 403-416, 2004.

2003 H Holstein. "Gravimagnetic anomaly formulas for polyhedra of spatially linear media". Geophysics, 68,  157-167.

2002(a) H Holstein, "Gravimagnetic invariance for uniform polyhedra'', Geophysics. 67, 1126-1133.

2002(b) H Holstein, "Gravimagnetic similarity for uniform polyhedra'', Geophysics, 67, 1134-1137.

2001 H Holstein, Discussion, on “An analytical expression for the gravity field of a polyhedral body with linearly varying density” (R.O. Hansen).  Geophysics, 66, 1327-1328.

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1999(b) R A Huss, H Holstein, J J O'Connor, "The effect of Cartilage Deformation on Laxity of the Knee Joint'', Proc Inst Mech E, Part H:, Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 213, 19-32.   (Awarded the Duncan Dowson prize for the best paper in 1999 in Proc Inst Mech E, Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine)

1998 S Khodadadeh, H Holstein, S Purushothaman, J A  Patrick,  "A study of the effect of cyproheptadine on the gait in hemiplegic children'',  Gait and Posture 8, 205-213.

1996 H Holstein, B Ketteridge, "Gravimetric Analysis of Uniform Polyhedra'', Geophysics, 61, 357-364
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Chapters in Edited books

2007 Y  Liu, H  Holstein, M H Lee. "Psychological studies of the criteria for 3D free form shape matching" in:  Pattern Recognition Research Horizons, Editor: Frank Columbus, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2007.

1996 S  Khodadadeh, J Cooke, H Holstein, "Ascending and descending a Step by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Subjects'', in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomechanical Engineering, edited by J Middleton, M.L Jones and G N Pande, 533-542, Gordon and Breach. ISBN 2-919875-00-0.

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Edited book

1985 D J Paddon, H Holstein, (Eds), Multigrid Methods for Integral and Differential equations.  Oxford University Press (1985), pp 323


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