Award Certificate

Joint best journal paper

1999 R A Huss, H Holstein, J J O'Connor, "The effect of Cartilage Deformation on Laxity of the Knee Joint'', Proc Inst Mech E, Part H:, Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 213, 19-32.   (Awarded the Duncan Dowson prize for the best paper in 1999 in Proc Inst Mech E, Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine)


Best Conference Paper Award

South African Geophysical Association (SAGA)
Conference, Swaziland 2009

2009 H Holstein, D Fizgerald, C Anastasiades. Gravi-magnetic anomalies of uniform thin polygonal sheets. (By invitation, also presented at the EAGE meeting in Barcelona, 2010)

Outstanding Reviewer

I have been nominated three times as Outstanding Reviewer for the journal GEOPHYSICS. See article in The Leading Edge
(Geophysics outstanding reviewers, The Leading Edge, May 2010, p606)


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