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Some results in image representation

Here are some results of the re-synthesis of continuous image representations I am working on. Results are roughly in chronological order (you hopefully should see an increase in the quality/difficulty of the results ;-).

Some early examples

A first image:

A reindeer

and its reconstruction:

A rebuilt reindeer

The result is also available as a PaVRML definition (download here).

First, the representation is vectorial. This means that the reconstructed image can be at any resolution (hence the larger image). Second, the representation is region-based (which is clearly visible in the PaVRML file, see above). This means that we can remove some parts of the original image, e.g. the background:

The reindeer without landscape

Some more fancy effects can also be done, using an image rendering and compositing software developed at the University of Bath, like changing the lighting (of the background here):

The reindeer and a sunset

More recent examples

The following image pairs show respectively the original image and its re-synthesised version.

The university of Bath The university of Bath reconstructed

A 70s' building The reconstructed 70s' building

Even more recent examples

Here, we show an image of a truck, an image made from the truck only, and an image containing the goose and the truck.

My blue truck on a table My blue truck on its own My blue truck and the wonderful goose

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