--How to play--
In my game, titled "BATTLE/BOTS", the player controlles a robot that must fight another, AI controlled, enemy robot. Before starting a match the player can chose what equipment they want to use with their robot during the match. Be carful, as some equipment is heavy and will slow you down if equip to much. A match is split into two (or somtimes three) rounds. To win a match, the player must either reduce their enemy's health to 0 or push their enemy out of the arena, with out the enemy doing the same to them. If the player or the AI wins two rounds they win the match. If both players win a round, a final third round is played, and the winner of that round wins the match. Hope you enjoy playing!

This game was designed by me, Sam Fetherstonhaugh, for a university assignment. Although I wrote most of the code for this game, there is some code that was writen by Darran Jamieson. I found his code here, on 03/04/2016. I gathered that I could use his code based on what is stated in section 6b here.