About 'Astro-Nanny'

The evil alien mastermind, Larry, has started wreaking havoc amongst the whole cosmos. And if that wasn't bad enough he's started with the babies, collecting them for his experiments and dumping the unwanted in space! Unlucky for him, a hardcore ex-military hero, Brett Steele, has sworn vengence for killing his new-born twins and wife and now has nothing to lose. He's gonna take this sick mind down, one baby at a time!

You will be playing as Brett Steele, now known as 'Protector of the Young' or 'Astro-Nanny' for short, flying through space following the evil mastermind's spaceship. Try to save as many babies that come flying your way and get to that spaceship to save the rest. However, Larry knows your coming and has diverted through an asteroid field. Whatever you do dont get hit by an asteroid, they will kill you instantly, however a shield might save you from a hit, so keep an eye out!


W - to move up S - to move down.


Website background - jecichon.tumblr.com
Brett Steele Hero: Body - http://thewrestlinglegendsforum.com/forum/thread-11899-page-14.html
Head - http://pjcr16.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/astronaut/
Flames - http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=1121.0
Alien Baby - Amysaurus - https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/crawling-baby-sprite.105/
Asteroid - http://cosmoknights.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/art/asteroids/
Space Background - http://doctorwhoroyalty.tumblr.com/post/134383097727/10-minutes-into-christmas-and-chill-and-he-gives

Music & Sound Effects
Theme background Music - http://soundimage.org/
Hit by Asteroid - Wilhelm Scream - https://www.youtube.com/
Failure to grab a baby - Crowd Dissapointment - https://www.youtube.com/
Success grabbing a baby - Baby giggle - http://www.soundjay.com/baby-laughing-sound-effect.html
New High Score - Applause - http://soundbible.com/988-Applause.html
Shield Power up - http://soundbible.com/1284-Space-Ship-Door-Opening.html
Shield use - http://soundbible.com/709-Bottle-Rocket.html
Movement - Jetpack - http://www.sounddogs.com/results.asp?Type=&CategoryID=1005&SubcategoryID=63