2-d canvas games

These games were created by students taking Client Side Web Programming in the spring of 2016. They are made available here thanks to the authors who gave permission to use their games.

Blob Game, Charlie Lathbury

Platform game with blocks and blobs.

BumberBots, Dan Monaghan

Bump the bots before they bump you. Tricky controls, but great once you master them. Side arrows rotate the car. Up/down accelerate/decelerate. Useful directional arrow toggle in bottom left corner.

Jump blocks for Pirate Treasure, Greg Sharpe

Platform game with coins and treasure chests.

A four-sided adventure, James Bailey

Avoid the obstacles to reach the gold square and the next level.

Astro Nanny, Jamie Fenner-Evans

Dodge asteroids! Save babies!

Space Shooter, Michal Goly

Shoot up asteroids and enemies.

Colour Collector, Morgan Jones

A colorful game with lots of circles. Push points (small yellow circles) out of the arena and into the goals to score. Lose a life if you miss!

Battle/Bots, Sam Fetherstonhaugh

Build your robot, then enter battle. Beyblades meets robot wars!

Target Bounce, Shankly Cragg

Set up your cannon, taking account of direction, mass and elasticity, then hit those targets.