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To download any of these images, right click on the graphic and select Save Picture as... from the pop up menu.

copy.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)copy.bmp

cut.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)cut.bmp

help.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)help.bmp

new.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)new.bmp

open.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)open.bmp

paint.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)paint.bmp

paste.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)paste.bmp

preview.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)preview.bmp

print.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)print.bmp

redo.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)redo.bmp

save.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)save.bmp

spell.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)spell.bmp

undo.bmp (16x15; 1318 bytes)undo.bmp

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