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circlock.bmp (32x32; 630 bytes)circlock.bmp

dome.bmp (64x48; 1654 bytes)dome.bmp

horz.bmp (183x33; 3154 bytes)horz.bmp

horz1.bmp (183x35; 3338 bytes)horz1.bmp

semicirc.bmp (64x48; 1654 bytes)semicirc.bmp

therbot.bmp (35x40; 918 bytes)therbot.bmp

therlft.bmp (40x35; 818 bytes)therlft.bmp

thermid.bmp (35x20; 518 bytes)thermid.bmp

thermidh.bmp (20x35; 538 bytes)thermidh.bmp

therrt.bmp (20x35; 538 bytes)therrt.bmp

thertop.bmp (35x20; 518 bytes)thertop.bmp

vert.bmp (35x183; 3778 bytes)vert.bmp

volbot.bmp (35x20; 518 bytes)volbot.bmp

voltop.bmp (35x20; 518 bytes)voltop.bmp

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