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balloon.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)balloon.bmp

beany.bmp (61x61; 2070 bytes)beany.bmp

bell.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)bell.bmp

calendar.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)calendar.bmp

camcord.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)camcord.bmp

card.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)card.bmp

club.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)club.bmp

cup.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)cup.bmp

delete.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)delete.bmp

diamond.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)diamond.bmp

envelope.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)envelope.bmp

fish.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)fish.bmp

hand.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)hand.bmp

happy.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)happy.bmp

heart.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)heart.bmp

intl_no.bmp (61x61; 2070 bytes)intl_no.bmp

key.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)key.bmp

mail.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)mail.bmp

note.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)note.bmp

notebook.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)notebook.bmp

phone.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)phone.bmp

pin.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)pin.bmp

plan.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)plan.bmp

present.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)present.bmp

sad.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)sad.bmp

smokes.bmp (61x61; 2070 bytes)smokes.bmp

spade.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)spade.bmp

speaker.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)speaker.bmp

time.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)time.bmp

trash.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)trash.bmp

vb416mom.bmp (27x42; 790 bytes)vb416mom.bmp

vb432mom.bmp (27x42; 790 bytes)vb432mom.bmp

w.bmp (24x22; 382 bytes)w.bmp

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