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Fourth level
Fifth level
In both alphabets and numbers we see a progression from ‘concrete’ symbols (drawings of ideas, tally marks) towards abstract representations of speech sounds and numerals
Noise is endemic – a fundamental property of electrical systems.
Thermal motion of electrons at any temp above 0K give rise to thermal noise – also many other sources.
Worked during war on Fire-control systems and encryption
Modelled Fire-control as a problem in data & signal processing
Father of Information theory
Groundwork on AI – first maze running mice
Juggler/unicycler/chess player
1950 paper on chess playing algorithm
played in las vegas using game theory
Jean-Maurice-Émile Baudot 1845-1903
operators learned code
Keyboard non-trivial, operators had to work in time with synchroniser.
Telegraph printed on punched paper tape
5 bit code – 32 characters
Need 26 + 10 + punctuation
Use 2 modes to double length of set
Code used until 1940s for telegraph & telex links