About Gilfach



About Gilfach

Gilfach is a cottage in the woods above Clarach. The name Gilfach comes from the Welsh, meaning Little Retreat, which seems to be fairly appropriate.

The cottage dates from about 1870 and has been extensively extended and generally mucked about with since then.

Here is a picture of my study, I’ve done it as a photomontage in order to show most of the details.

Most of the computer and tech stuff was acquired following the receivership of a company I used to work for, Augusta Technology.

The stove in the foreground is a Jotul wood burning stove. This can kick out alarming quantities of heat and has a large firebox which is great for burning those lumps of wood which just will not split.

The floor of the study is Iroko, and was salvaged from a local psyche hospital which was being demolished at about the time we were rebuilding this end of the house.

The picture frame on the right hand side of the montage contains a presentation silicon wafer from my time at Southampton University Microfabrication Centre in the 1980’s.



Like most people here, he doesn't reflect the views of the University of Wales in this web page.

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