An Introduction to Visual Basic - Graphics Library


Graphics – This is the graphics library which is normally part of VB. (© Microsoft)

You can download the files to your own filestore, by using the links below to navigate to a thumbnail page, selecting the bitmap of interest and then using right-click followed by Save Picture as…

The following subdirectories are available

  • bitmaps/assorted – assorted bitmap files
  • bitmaps/guage – bitmaps of gauges and dials
  • bitmaps/offctlbr/large/b&w – large icons for office toolbar (b&w)
  • bitmaps/offctlbr/large/color – large icons for office toolbar (color)
  • bitmaps/offctlbr/small/b&w – small icons for office toolbar (b&w)
  • bitmaps/offctlbr/small/color – small icons for office toolbar (color)
  • bitmaps/outline – icons for outline view display
  • bitmaps/outline/nomask – more icons for outline view, plain background.
  • bitmaps/outline/redmask – more icons for outline view, red background for masking
  • bitmaps/tlbr_w95 – various Windows95 icons
  • cursors – various cursor files, no thumbnail page available
  • icons/arrows – Icons showing arrows
  • icons/comm. – Icons of communications
  • icons/computer -  Icons relating to computers
  • icons/dragdrop – Icons relating to drag & drop
  • icons/elements – Earth, air, fire and water
  • icons/flags – Various national and regional flags
  • icons/industry – Icons to do with industry and commerce
  • icons/mail – Mailboxes and letters
  • icons/misc – Miscellaneous icons, smiling faces etc


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