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About Me

I currently work as the Data Manager at the National Plant Phenomics Centre in the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University. The Phenomics Centre uses automated imaging systems to measure the growth of plants, these are usually crops being evaluated for their ability to grow in harsh conditions.

Previously I was a research associate working on biologically inspired power management strategies for autonomous systems at the Computer Science Department. I've lived in Aberystwyth since 2000 (except for 1 year I spent in Ireland) when I started an MEng degree in Software Engineering. In 2005 I began studying part time for a PhD in applying artificial neural-endocrine controllers to power management in robotic sailing boats. In 2007 I managed to get proper funding for this and switched to being a full time student. Finally I submitted my PhD at the end of 2010 and graduated in summer 2011.