TLP Repeat Illumination/Libration and Earthshine predictions for: Greenland - Nuuk

Ill is percentage illumination of the Moon
*Indicates a repeat illumination and libration event to within +/- 1 deg for both
A non-* indicates just repeat illumination to within +/-0.5 deg

2018-Jul-09 UT 04:47-05:39 Ill=21% Aristarchus observed by Schmidling on 1964-6-6 *

     On 1964 Jun 28 at UT 08:20-09:10 Schmidling, St Clair, and Platt 
     (Riverdale, New York, USA, 8" reflector, x256) observed in the 
     Aristarchus, Herodotus, Schroter's valley area: two red spot glows, 
     glimmer, looked like ruby gems. Cameron says that the date was 
     predicted by Greenacre and looked for. The Cameron 1978 catalog ID=817 
     and weight=5. The ALPO/BAA weight=4.  

2018-Jul-17 UT 01:07-01:20 Ill=21% Mare_Crisium observed by Mayemson on 1958-10-16 *

     North of Mare Crisium 1958 Oct 16 UT 18:00? Observed by Mayemson 
     (England?) "Bright spot in dark part" NASA catalog weight=2 (low). NASA 
     catalog ID #700.

2018-Jul-17 UT 01:07-01:21 Ill=21% Bullialdus observed by Hobdell on 1981-7-6 *

     On 1981 Jul 06 at UT01:49 Hobdell (St Peterburg, FL, 
     USA, 2.4" refractor) saw a yellow flash from Bullialdus in 
     earthshine. ALPO/BAA weight=1.

2018-Jul-20 UT 00:59-01:41 Ill=52% Ross_D observed by Cross on 1964-6-17 *

     On 1964 Jun 17 at UT 04:15-05:01 Cross et al. (Whittier, CA, USA, 19" ? 
     reflector, S=7-8) observed near Ross D: "Gas cloud. Motion". The 
     Cameron 1978 catalog ID=818 and weight=4. The ALPO/BAA weight=4.

2018-Jul-22 UT 00:54-01:43 Ill=72% Linne observed by Tacchini on 1868-7-28 *

     Linne 1868 Jul 28 UT 20:00? Observed by Tacchini (Palermo, Italy) 
     "Shadow not so marked-had a light penumbra, indicated a feeble cavity. 
     Other craters had a black shad. On 29th appeared completely white. 
     Crater normal on 26th. (letter to Madler Sep. 16, 1868)." NASA 
     catalog weight=4 (high). NASA catalog ID #159.

2018-Jul-23 UT 00:51-01:41 Ill=80% Proclus observed by Darling_D on 1989-2-16 *

     On 1989 Feb 16 at UT02:46-03:01 D. Darling (Sun Praire, WI, USA, 3" 
     refractor, x140, seeing=6/10) found that the brightness of the rim of 
     Proclus was 9.0 (normal?). The Cameron 2006 catalog ID=354 and the 
     weight=0. The ALPO/BAA weight=1.

2018-Jul-24 UT 00:48-01:31 Ill=87% Ross_D observed by Harris on 1964-6-21 *

     On 1964 Jun 21 at UT 03:43-05:44 Harris, Cross and Helland (Whittier, 
     CA, USA, 19" reflector) observed south of Ross D: "Moving dark area". 
     The Cameron 1978 catalog ID=819 and weight=4. The ALPO/BAA weight=4.

2018-Jul-29 UT 02:31-03:28 Ill=99% Proclus observed by Green_SM on 1938-11-8 *

     Proclus 1938 Nov 08 UTC 20:00 Observed by Green (England? Seeing = 
     good) "2 bright spots in Schmidt & Wilkins' craterlets. Was struck by 
     whitish aspect of parts of floor -- possibly mists. S.wall concealed by 
     these strong white patches, as if breached ring." NASA catalog weight=3 
     (average). NASA catalog ID #443.

2018-Jul-29 UT 02:53-05:27 Ill=99% Macrobius observed by McLeod on 1938-11-8 *

     Macrobius 1938 Nov 08 UTC 18:00? Observed by McLeod (England? 5" ? 
     reflector) "Changes in dark areas. (near Proclus where Green saw 
     phenomenom. see #443)" NASA catalog weight=2 (low). NASA catalog ID #

2018-Jul-31 UT 02:20-06:03 Ill=91% Aristarchus observed by Foley_PW on 1975-11-21 *

     Aristarchus 1975 Nov 18-19 UT 23:30-00:30? Observed by Foley (Kent, 
     England, 12" reflector) "Deep blue-viol. spot in NW (IAU ?) interior 
     corner. (seen occasionally with obscur. but dates not given)." NASA 
     catalog weight=3 (average). NASA catalog ID #1421."