TLP Repeat Illumination/Libration and Earthshine predictions for: Iceland - Reykjavik

Ill is percentage illumination of the Moon
*Indicates a repeat illumination and libration event to within +/- 1 deg for both
A non-* indicates just repeat illumination to within +/-0.5 deg

2018-Jun-19 UT 23:43-01:12 Ill=45% Ross_D observed by Harris on 1964-5-18 *

     Near Ross D (23E, 12N) 1964 May 18 UT 03:54-04:53 Observed by Harris, 
     Cross et al. (Whittler, CA, USA, 19" relector x720, 8" reflector x322, 
     S=G) "White gas obscuration. Moved 20mph, decreased in extent. Phenom. 
     repeated. Drawing." NASA catalog weight=5 (very high). NASA catalog ID 

2018-Jun-19 UT 23:43-00:26 Ill=45% Theophilus observed by Dieke on 1964-5-18 *

     Theophilus 1964 May 18 UTC 01:05-01:15 Observed by Dieke (Baltimore, 
     MD, USA, 6" refractor, x125) "Crescent of crsimson color on SW between 
     rim & flor. Was not present at 0500, nor did it reappear from 0115 to 
     0245h" NASA catalog weight=3 (average). NASA catalog ID #812.

2018-Jun-20 UT 00:01-01:12 Ill=45% Linne observed by Buckingham on 1867-8-6 *

     Linne 1867 Aug 06 UT 21:00? Observed by Buckingham (England?) 
     "Crater in darkness, he saw a "rising oval spot". Other obs. 
     saw it as a triang. Bold black spot pointing to earth, slowly 
     diffused white & drift of white on slope of pyramid. (indep. 
     confirmation?)" NASA catalog weight=5 and catalog ID #155. 
     ALPO/BAA weight=2.

2018-Jun-21 UT 23:44-00:20 Ill=66% Plato observed by Bartlett on 1964-5-20 *

     Plato 1964 May 20 UT 01:00-01:30 Observed by Bartlett (Baltimore, MD, 
     USA, 2.4" refractor x117, S=6, T=5). "Orange-red color on W. wall. 
     Vivid" NASA catalof weight=4 (high). NASA catalog ID #813.

2018-Jun-23 UT 23:44-00:52 Ill=84% Plato observed by Brook_C on 2006-2-8 *

     C. Brook of Plymouth UK, using a 4" refractor x216, noticed at UT 20:10
     dark patches coming and going (in terms of visibility) on the floor of 
     Plato. Occasional views of the central cratelet (seen as a white spot) 
     were glimpsed. The dark patches seen lasted about 1-2 seconds before
     fading out during each visibility cycle. Teneriff Mountains were 
     checked but no sign of seeing effects that might explain the dark floor
     patches. By 20:26UT the dark patch effect was fading and by 20:31UT 
     floor detail was visible. Observations ceased at UT 20:34. Seeing 
     conditions were II and the Moon was at a high altitude. Other observers 
     were alerted but came on-line after the effect had finished. ALPO/BAA 

2018-Jun-24 UT 01:27-01:30 Ill=84% Gassendi observed by Grego_P on 2011-10-7 *

     On 2011 Oct 07 UT 21:45 Gassendi observed by P. Grego (St 
     Dennis, UK,300m Newtonian, x150, seeing III, intermittent cloud) 
     - whilst producing some sketches of the crater - observer 
     noticed a faint point of light inside the shadow filled 
     interior, two thirds of the way out from where the central 
     peaks should have been, towards the SE rim. Some uncertainty in 
     being sure about this spot and after interuption by cloud it was 
     not seen later that evening. ALPO/BAA weight=1 to refelct 
     uncertainty of observer.

2018-Jun-24 UT 23:43-01:30 Ill=91% Torricelli_B observed by Cook_MC on 1989-1-18 *

     M. Cook of Frimley, UK observed a brightening of the crater during
     this observing session. The cameron 2006 extended catalog ID=346 and 
     weight=3. ALPO/BAA weight=2.