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28.04.2009||Good news, everyone

I proudly announce that new web-site is coming up! I am not giong to give you a sneaky preview, though, just stay patient.

Also, I am looking for a industrial placement job for next year, been in 6 places so far, have another interview soon and if I fail to get a job this time I just can't be bothered to search any more. Simply will change the degree and finish one year earlier.

Also I have done some graphics design, the pics are not on the site, but will be on a new one.

23.01.2009||Long time no see

Indeed, I really didn't have much time to update this site. Although, there were lots of stuff I could have wrote about. My journey to Cambrian News, my test spec for group project, Christmas, work, exams, Llanbadarn demolitions and Old College going up for grabs. But - I can't be bothered to do it all now. So anyway, my exams are nearly over and I am trying to find a job for next year and it is proving to be really difficult to do it in Aber!

Almost forgot - I just bought myself a box of computer parts and can now run GTA: IV woohoo! The game doesn't stand anywhere near GTA: III though, but isn't too bad.

30.10.2008||Site update

The ice is melting, my fellow visitors. I had a break through with my Portfolio page. Now it has some stuff about me and I will try to finish it by the end of this week.

The Halowe'en is coming, everyone! I am not going trickortreating in this weather. Who would?

22.10.2008||Site update

Added a test spec for CS22120 to the Friends page. Please only download it if you are involved.

Hopefully in a weeks time I will update the portfolio page seeing that Industrial Year Placement is upon us and I want to get the best job!

18.10.2008||Site update

First of all, I officially declare that I am doomed. I have got two projects to do and I barely started one and have no idea how to go about the second one.

Seondly, I apologise for not using PHP for removing old news from the main page. It is way easier to do it manually, at least on such a small site.

Thirdly, I have finished my big CD project. I was asked to make 50 copies of video and make a nice cover for the CD. After a week of running between Hugh Owen and Old College I finally managed to get them printed. Big thanks to everyone at the Xerox room for help and support.

And finally, I have produced a first teaser video for my GTA mod I've been working on for three years. Go to the Portfolio page and scroll down to 3d modelling. Enjoy.

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