Welcome to our site! GAMES is a small family owned games shop, located in the town of Cyfrifiadureg, Ceredigion, Wales. We first opened in 1998 and the shop has been very popular amongst local community since then. Today we sell not only PC games, but also Playstation 2 and 3 games, Xbox and Nintendo Wii games. We also sell gaming equipment and basic computer stuff. Fell free to contact us if you are interested in any of these.

In April, 2004 we launched this web-site in order to allow our customer to make purchases on-line instead of visiting the shop. The service has proved itself very useful and we are planning to expand our on-line shop soon.

Our games

You are always welcome to visit us at the shop in the town of Cyfrifiadureg where we well be glad to help you find the game you want.

Mae flin gyda ni fod does dim gwefan Cymraeg gyda ni nawr, ond dyn ni'n hapus i ateb eich cwestiwnau yn y ddau iaethau! Galwch ni yn rhif ffon 0800123654. Oes fy Cymraeg purion iawn? ;)

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