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13.04.2011||50-ies anniversary since the first man in space!
OK, so the news so far - I have nearly finished my degree, which means that in the next few weeks I am going to be extremely busy finishing my dissertation off and revising for the exams.

Potential employers, don't miss you chance to hire a competent and highly efficient person who will drive your sales through the roof and improve the image of your company. Hurry while stock lasts - only one available due to high demand.

Otherwise, not much happened last year. The only thing worth mentioning were two of the awesome "Advisor" and "Advisor 2: Return of the Weekend Advisor" movie posters which I did, and these are available in high-res on demand (or on my Facebook page). I am planning to make a third, final poster, but haven't quite decided yet, if I really want to do it.

Congratulations to all of you few readers of this web-site! What is the occasion, I hear you asking? It has been almost exactly a year since I have updated the site last, so I decided to bring in the intrigue and post an update.

There were many things over the past 12 months which I haven't bothered to write about, so let's fill in the gaps.

Cymdeithasau UMPA/AUGS Societies logo competition

After a short and tough competition my time has paid off and my entry won. I suppose it is now going to be used on any of the societies correspondence which is cool. The logo itself can be found on my Portfolio page.


I am currently in my IY with AU IS working in LHOL. De-cipher yourself! I have memorised hundreds of people by now, which is OK at the moment but will be completely useless few years down the line. It seems like a good ides to run a defragmentation on my brain, but I have a feeling it may crash thanks to M$ mighty coders.


Yay! iPad! Yay! So want.


GTA: CR has changed the name and is now officially GTA: URM (CR). Also the demo-version was released and a new demo-version is out this summer.

06.05.2009||URGENT WARNING
It has been brought to my attention that the page is displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 7. As I do not have a working version of this browser at the moment I will try to fix that issue in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.


This has been fixed. Couldn't believe IE failed miserably because it needed one more <br/> tag!!! Tested on Firefox 2, IE6 and IE7.


Noticed, that IE7 on Vista moves the menu too close to the top. It still looks OK, but I consider adding another logo to the left thus changing the CSS so hopefully it will work at the end.


I believe this has been all fixed now. Will wait and see if anything else is going to break.

03.05.2009||New design launched
Here is the promised design. Not only it features the awesomeness of my face and 10 years old laptop, but also leaves more room for text - so you don't have to scroll like mad.

I have updated Portfolio and added What I do page. The first one contains examples of my works, and the latter one lists all my abilities. Not all of them, to be honest, just the ones I want to share with you.

A little legal notice - if any one of you out there dares to steal my design or certain elements then be prepared for endless court hearing and calls from my solicitor for this is all my work and you have no right to steal it, understand?

28.04.2009||Good news, everyone
I proudly announce that new web-site is coming up! I am not going to give you a sneaky preview, though, just stay patient.

Also, I am looking for a industrial placement job for next year, been in 6 places so far, have another interview soon and if I fail to get a job this time I just can't be bothered to search any more. Simply will change the degree and finish one year earlier.

Also I have done some graphics design, the pics are not on the site, but will be on a new one.

23.01.2009||Long time no see
Indeed, I really didn't have much time to update this site. Although, there were lots of stuff I could have wrote about. My journey to Cambrian News, my test spec for group project, Christmas, work, exams, Llanbadarn demolitions and Old College going up for grabs. But - I can't be bothered to do it all now. So anyway, my exams are nearly over and I am trying to find a job for next year and it is proving to be really difficult to do it in Aber!

Almost forgot - I just bought myself a box of computer parts and can now run GTA: IV woohoo! The game doesn't stand anywhere near GTA: III though, but isn't too bad.

30.10.2008||Site update
The ice is melting, my fellow visitors. I had a break through with my Portfolio page. Now it has some stuff about me and I will try to finish it by the end of this week.

The Halowe'en is coming, everyone! I am not going trickortreating in this weather. Who would?

22.10.2008||Site update
Added a test spec for CS22120 to the Friends page. Please only download it if you are involved.

Hopefully in a weeks time I will update the portfolio page seeing that Industrial Year Placement is upon us and I want to get the best job!

18.10.2008||Site update
First of all, I officially declare that I am doomed. I have got two projects to do and I barely started one and have no idea how to go about the second one.

Secondly, I apologise for not using PHP for removing old news from the main page. It is way easier to do it manually, at least on such a small site.

Thirdly, I have finished my big CD project. I was asked to make 50 copies of video and make a nice cover for the CD. After a week of running between Hugh Owen and Old College I finally managed to get them printed. Big thanks to everyone at the Xerox room for help and support.

And finally, I have produced a first teaser video for my GTA mod I've been working on for three years. Go to the Portfolio page and scroll down to 3d modelling. Enjoy.

05.10.2008||Birthday boy and a theory
Had a birthday few days ago. The only person who congratulated me by actually knowing it is my B-day was the girlfriend of the guy I barely know. Everybody else who congratulated me were notified by Facebook. We all are held hostages of computers. LOL

Also, a nice theory. Say, there isn't a program. Therefore, it does not solve the task it is supposed to solve. Therefore the program is not working. On another hand, the program doesn't have any bugs because it doesn't have any code. Conclusion - we have a program with no bugs, which is not working. How is that possible?

20.08.2008||Georgia declares war on Russia
Long time no see, eh???

Well, you all probably expect me to comment on Georgian aggression against South Ossetia, but I won't discuss it here or it will turn into neverending debate.

Also, I saw a red hot-rod Ford. Apart from that there aren't really any news... Can not wait until the start of the year, so that I can get some rest from work. Why is nobody writing to me? Why? Write to me - schnell!

04.07.2008||Exam results
Just had my exams results today. Why is the Uni so inconsistent??? Last time I waited until 2 p.m. to get my marks, and now they were up at 12 noon. Total madness, maybe even more than Sparta! Anyway, as I am not taking Welsh officially I had to undertake a journey to town to get my Welsh mark. Hen Coleg seemed to be deserted but I managed to meet Ian Hughes (for the first time) and made friends with him!!! The mark is not as high as I expected (102%) but there aren't many people who did better.

Everybody else have gone home for holidays and the person I was expecting to meet today disappeared too. The campus is creepy.

At the moment I am sitting in front of my ripped open PC with 3 CD-drives installed. It is bloody XXI century and one of my drives can only write DVDs, another can read DVDs and the last one can read and write CDs at fast speed. Why can't Japanese and Chinese finally get together instead of trying to develop their own standards and make something that works when assembled??? Ta-ta for now.

Yes, the EURO-2008 is nearly over, and I have been following it since the first minute - mind you, I am far from a football fan. The last match I saw was in 2000, when Russia played Japan. Haha, what a miserable memories. Nevertheless, I had £6 bet on Russian team making it to the final, although I had no hope they would make it out of the group; surprisingly they did!!! I really loved the game against Netherlands, that was the hell of a match... I mean, Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko - last time the Russians played like that was long before I was born. Anyway, they did not beat Spain yesterday, what a shame, but it was a good performance anyway, makes me really proud of the boys. Hopefully, EURO-2012 will bring us Wales defeating Spain :-E
13.06.2008||Great news, everyone
After hours of ineffectual search, I have added the counter... AU one plus I made it validate. Great, isn't it??? I am not so good (yeaaah) in programming, so couldn't do my own. Also, today I purchased a latest issue of Papur Pawb and, sniffing the fresh ink, managed to scan the article... ABOUT ME! Me is famous now. Me is da $tar. I would rather have the article named "O Rwsia gyda cariad", but oh well.

Article in Papur Pawb

10.06.2008||Added valuable information
Oops, it seems I have left out all the disclaimer stuff!!! Added it to the bottom, to avoid problems with IT support and copyright depts.
06.06.2008||Site changed to blog :)
That's right, I've added the date before every new post, so that I can post updates right here instead of in the bottom bit. Great news are coming next Friday, stay tuned.
02.06.2008||CSS updated
CSS fixed - thanks to Adrian.
29.05.2008||Web-site launched
Yes, it is me, Bogdanov Alexey, bringing the nations together, connecting the countries and linking the people - all that thanks to my extraordnary ability of speaking Russian, English, Cymraeg typin bach and po-Polsku slabo.

Feel free to browse the web-site, although it doesn't have much in it and probably never will, there is still some stuff that you may find useful to blackmail me.

I know, you don't care, but I love Internet Explorer and hate Firefox, because it is so bloody inconvenient. That is why my web-sites always work fine with IE (or at least, I think so). But I also take care of 30 percent of Internet users who struggle through life with Firefox, thus theoretically, my web-sites should look good in Firefox-based browsers too. My apologies to all of you, who has small screens. If I will ever get to improving my web-site I will add another design for those who has 800*600 resolution, but at the moment it only looks right on big posh 19"s. The site was tested in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox and Opera 9.26 - please report the problems if you manage to find any. Report typos and grammar mistakes too, please!

Now, when I've said my bit, go on - browse!

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