My name is Alexey, I am graphics and web designer located on the West Coast.

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Software engineering and have been providing computer support for many years, 2 of them working at a Computing Helpdesk for a large HE sector organisation with over 10000 networking devices and 15000 users.

I have been doing web design since 2001 and graphics design professionally since 2007 and have a great knowledge about a wide variety of software packages.

I am currently working for one of the largest UK arts centres and specialise in designing

I can help you with designing Everything is printer-ready and I can offer you good deals on printing and delivery. All printing will be done in Wales which is incredibly patriotic and environmentally friendly.

In addition to traditional paper media I can also design and print on vynil (e.g. vinyl banners or window/vehicle stickers) or pull-up banners for an upcoming event.

I can design and provide you with large format prints of up to 40 inches wide, or supply you with the printer-ready designs should you wish to use another printing company.


To contact me please email

Alternatively please talk to me in person.


This is a selection of my works

Brochures, programmes and magazines

Note: for the best experience it is best to right-click "Fantastic Mr Fox" or "Hairspray" programmes, choose an option to save it to your computer and then open it from there - otherwise you may need to zoom it out depending on your local pdf viewer settings!



Banners and pull-up banners

Flyers and labels